Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sweets and Treats for your Valentine

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. We want our readers to be prepared and armed with lovely gifts. We always feel bad for the folks that wait until the last minute and are roaming the aisles with the leftover icky chocolate. Check out these ideas for gifts for the special folks in your life.  XOXO

Today's 10 Links a Day: Sweets and Treats
  1. Amazon's Valentine's Day Shop
    A whole shop dedicated to Valentine's Day gifts for all ages. Plenty of time for delivery, including ordering your flowers

    A various assortment of treats for your lover. Some silly, some sweet

  3. Godiva
    Yum, chocolate

  4. Don't forget the card. Why not try going green this year and sending an electronic ecard!

  5. Eleni's Cookies
    They are so much more than cookies

  6. Bare Necessities
    Affordable lingerie

  7. Heavenly Treasures
    Pretty jewelry gifts for Valentine's Day

    As their tagline says, Making Love Better

  9. Don't forget to order the flowers!

  10. More 10 Links a Day Gift ideas


Kim Gail said...

Thanks for sharing the great links.!! Amazon is really a nice place for Valentine's Day gifts.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning everyone!

Oh my gosh, how quickly has Valentine's Day come round this year!It only feels that Christmas was last week! I am getting really stressed out over Valentine’s Day already! Last year I was really down, and to compensate I ate A LOT of ice-cream! I really hope this year will be different! Don't you think there is always so much pressure on everyone to "get it right" with Valentine’s Day cards/booking meals way in advance/flowers/gifts... the list goes on!! However, I have found a new way to send greetings, and this all down to my lovely friend Alice. She sent me an e-Card for Christmas, (she was in New Zealand over the festive season) and I thought it was such a cool way to send greetings, I have now been converted! I spent ages looking on the internet doing some research, and found a fantastic website that has a
Wide range of Valentine's Day e-Cards I am a big fan of this site and one of the best things about it is that it is totally free, so not only are you saving money on postage, but also on paper, so it is a great idea for the environment! They have a new range of Valentine's Day e-Cards with an added twist! They inject a bit of humor into Valentine's Day greetings! They have a cool application where you can upload a photo of yourself and incorporate it into the greetings! I just think it is a great way to make Valentine's Day much more light hearted! Just wanted to share my findings with you all! Hope you find this useful! Electronic greetings aren't for everyone, but I think they are definitely worth a try!Hope you find this useful! Warmest wishes, Nicole.

AnimeshSingh said...

thanks for your link, you can also find some great valentine day gift from here hot deals

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