Monday, February 23, 2009

I Wish I Thought of That

We are starting this week off with our favorite category. This category lets us expand and promote various items that may not be related to one another. Basically, items we wish we thought of, or we really, really, really admire. Vote for your favorite down below (hurry you can only vote today!).

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Today's 10 Links a Day: I Wish I Thought of That, For Real
  1. Sprint Widget
    Not sure how to explain it, trust us, just check it out

  2. Life Images on Google
    Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google.

  3. Daily Newspaper Covers
    Pretty self explanatory (and really kind on the eye)

  4. Invite Share
    Invite Share is a place to send and receive invitations to websites that are currently in private beta. Have some invitations that you want to get off your hands? Why not share them with others!

  5. New York Times Article Skimmer
    A new, easy to navigate, categorized view of all the headlines in the NYT.

  6. Obamicon Me
    Super fun icon generator - we swear.

  7. Evernote
    Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.

  8. Viral Video Chart
    Go here to see what videos are hot right now on the net.

  9. BookMe
    Book with these folks and save a real pet.

  10. Fontifier
    Seriously cool. A fun gift to give to a friend! Fontifier lets you use your own handwriting for the text you write on your computer. It turns a scanned sample of your handwriting into a handwriting font that you can use in your word processor or graphics program, just like regular fonts such as Helvetica.
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