Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 Links A Day 2008 Year-end-roundup.html

THANK YOU ALL for making this site a success. We love all of the feedback and continue to seek additional content and category ideas. We thought we'd share a few fun stats about our site for today's posting. Have a safe and fun New Years Eve celebration. Lots of great stuff in store for 2009. Stay tuned!

Today's 10linksaday: a 10linksaday 2008 Wrap-up

# of Countries that have visited in 2008 - over 130 countries!

Top 5 Countries that have visited
1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia
5. India

What can you do for Well, thanks for asking :) A few things...

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A toast to you! - Thanks!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Resolutions

It is that time of year again. Time to start with a fresh slate. Time to try to achieve the failures of last year. Time to reevaluate what is really important in life. It is time to make New Year’s Resolutions! So check out the links below and start your list for 2009. (Thanks to Karissa of The Acting Mom for this fantastic guest blog post)

Today's 10 Links a Day: A Resolution to stick with (or not) for 2009.....

  1. Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

  2. History of New Year’s Resolutions

  3. How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions

  4. New Year’s Resolutions Party Napkins

  5. Funny New Year’s Resolutions

  6. New Year’s Resolutions for Honeymooners 

  7. Free tools to manage your New Year’s Resolutions

  8. New Year’s Resolution for Kids

  9. New Year’s Resolution E-cards

  10. Why you shouldn’t make New Year’s Resolutions
10 Links a Day wants to just say thank you for all of your support in 2008! Lots of happiness to you all in 2009. Also, good luck on all of your resolutions (like ours) to Get In Shape, Save Money,  Even out the Work/ Life Balance, Have Fun, Get Organized, Relax, and Blog More!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Best of 2008 - Part II

Here at 10 Links a Day, we love lists! This is Part 2 of our year end coverage of "best" lists. Again, special thanks to Manhattan Users Guide for pulling this together. We are excited to share your post with our readers.

Today's 10 Links a Day: MUG Best of 2008 Part 2

  1. Top Ten Photo Galleries (National Geographic)

  2. Best Global Brands 2008 (Interbrand)

  3. Most Notable Quotations 2008 (Yale Book of Quotations)

  4. The 15 Dumbest Names for Web 2.0 Startups (The Next Web)

  5. Best and Worst Stocks 2008 (MarketWatch)

  6. The 10 Worst Political Ads (Politico)

  7. Hottest Sports Cars of 2009 (Forbes Autos)

  8. Best Places to Live (Money)

  9. 10 Worst Toys 2008 (W.A.T.C.H.)

  10. The 100 Worst Movies of 2008 (London Times)

  11. Top 10 Most Annoying Songs of 2008 (About)

  12. Top 10 Searches for 2008 (Yahoo!)

  13. Best Science Books of 2008 (Amazon)

  14. 2008's Wildest Hookups (Us)

  15. Best of What's New (Popular Science)

  16. India's Best Dressed List 2008 (Verve)

  17. 10 Worst Employees of 2008 (CareerBuilder)

    and a few more we'd like to add...

  18. 10 most popular web videos 2008 (Silicon Alley Insider)

  19. Last.FM Best of 2008 music (Last.FM)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Photography Resources

The 10 Links a Day staff are a bunch of photo buffs! We proudly bring your our latest post on photography resources on the internet. Take advantage of these sites with your recent holiday pictures.

Do you have ideas for 10 Links a Day? Please email them to We'd love to hear from you.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Photo Resources on the internet

  1. Hoorray
    It's just come out of Beta with lots of great new stuff, including audio photo sharing. You can add spoken words to your pictures. Great fun!

  2. inkubook
    With Inkubook, there’s no scissors, paper or glue necessary. Simply log on, drag & drop your pictures into preformatted pages and then let them take care of the rest.

  3. ColorMailer
    ColorMailer is one of the services of the FotoDesk group. FotoDesk Group AG ( is a privately held group based in Zurich, Switzerland. FotoDesk is rolling out a unique online imaging service that combines photo editing, printing, sharing and storage in a single seamless service.

  4. PiX 'n' PaLs
    PiX 'n' PaLs lets you build up your life story as a joint venture with friends and colleagues.

  5. GeoImgr
    Tag your photos with geo-coordinates.

  6. Phlook
    We're about you sharing photos with people important to you. We're about doing more with your photos.

  7. ipernity

  8. FotoViewr
    Stunning 3D galleries for your Flickr photos.

  9. iStockphoto
    iStockphoto is the internet’s original member-generated image and design community. Find your inspiration on the world's leading royalty-free stock destination.

  10. TwitPic
    Share photos on Twitter

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

We are taking the day off to enjoy the holiday. We'll be back tomorrow with more fun postings from 10 Links a Day. Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah to you all!

Cheerio or as Santa would say, ho, ho ,ho....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best of 2008 - Part 1

Here at 10 Links a Day, we love lists! We just received this great list of lists that we had to share with you all. This should take care of lists for a while, at least until Part II :). Special thanks to Manhattan Users Guide for pulling this together. We are excited to share your post with our readers.

Today's 10 Links a Day: MUG Best of 2008 Part 1

  1. 50 Best Albums of the Year (Rolling Stone)

  2. 20 Worst Album Covers of 2008 (Pitchfork)

  3. Top 10 Underreported News Stories (Time)

  4. The 10 Worst Members of Congress 2008 (Esquire)

  5. The 10 Best Books of 2008 (NY Times)

  6. The 10 Best Cookbooks of 2008 (NPR)

  7. The 10 Worst Predictions for 2008 (Foreign Policy)

  8. Most Underhyped Apps of 2008 (Lifehacker)

  9. The Year in Media Errors and Corrections (Regret the Error)

  10. The Six Best Sports Insider Blogs (Fast Company)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Purposeful Parenting

The holiday season brings family together. There's nothing that makes the holidays so incredible than an amazing family unit. Why not brush up on those purposeful parenting skills. The content provided today goes a long way and is extremely insightful. Happy holidays to you and your family.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Parenting Resources - Ground Zero.

  1. A Family Guide To Keeping Youth Mentally Healthy And Drug-Free
    Advice on setting rules, guiding good decision-making and talking about drugs

  2. Attachment Parenting International
    Creates strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents

  3. Family TLC
    Articles and tools to enhance the parent / child relationship

  4. Parent News
    Get the latest news in parenting -- from doctors, psychologists, and educators

    An online version of the popular print magazine

  6. Parents Association.Com
    A forum for parents of children, adolescents, and college-age young adults

  7. Parents.Com
    A web-based version of the popular print magazine

  8. Positive Discipline
    Based on the principles taught in the renowned book series

  9. Positive Parenting
    Resources and information designed to make parenting rewarding and fun

  10. Talking With Kids About Tough Issues
    An initiative to encourage parents to discuss difficult issues with their kids

  11. The National Parenting Center
    Dedicated to providing parents with comprehensive and responsible guidance

  12. The Parent Coach
    Online column for proactive parenting offers advice on connecting with your kids

  13. What Is Perfect Parenting?
    An insightful article about "realistic" parenting

  14. Tangled & True 

Monday, December 22, 2008

Eco Chic

Not so long ago, a good day's shopping was represented by armfuls of shopping bags, preferably glossy paper ones with smart rope handles. Today, shopping for the sheer pleasure of it is no longer enough. We want more than something new and shiny to take home, we want to know that we made the world a better place by buying it and that the bag we're carrying didn't damage the environment. Shoppers have become the new eco-warriors and the latest must-have accessory is a social conscience. Today we bring you a list of Eco Chic Resources to get your earth friendly shopping on. Shop with a guilty free conscious.

Today's 10 Links a Day:  Eco Chic is the new Black - Shop guilty free

  1. Fashion, evolved

  2. Green Glam Girl

  3. style saves the world

  4. Righteous (re)Style

  5. Fig+Sage

  6. Green Grechen

  7. Feelgood Style

  8. The Alternative Consumer

  9. ecosalon


Friday, December 19, 2008

Fashion's latest sites to hit the net...

Congratulations to all of the finalists in the Open Web Awards. Today's posting entails the fashion category finalists. All of the sites really break the mold when it comes to fashion online. 10 Links a Day wishes you all luck with the awards and success with your endeavors.

Today's 10 Links a Day: New Fashion Sites

  1. Chictini
    The shopping discovery site that everyone is talking about

  2. Coolspotters
    Coolspotters is a online service that makes it easy to discover and buy the products, brands, and fashions being used by your favorite - in their real lives, and in movies and television.

  3. evolved, fashion

  4. Fashionising is a fashion community and social network for people who love fashion, including people in the fashion industry. Change the world of fashion, become a fashioniser.

  5. Gift Girl
    GiftGirl is a subscription-based website. No sponsors. No ads. No bias. You simply tell us about the girl, and we’ll tell you what to get

  6. Ninja Zoo
    We started Ninja Zoo with the idea that you should be able to sell your designs anywhere you want with the minimum of hassle. We wanted to create the first p2p e-commerce site. Why start a website if you already have loads of friends on your facebook page or people reading your blog. Using the latest cutting edge printing technology we want to let you turn your creativity into reality.

  7. pikkee
    You've already got an opinion on what goes together, now you have a place to experiment with your ideas. Figure out the looks you'd wear by mixing and matching pieces from our fresh collections. Even add your own stuff and explore new ways to wear the same old things. Browse and remix looks to see what new direction you’d take them. Invite friends and pick out what to wear together.

  8. Polyvore
    Create your own set.Mix and match images from anywhere on the web, to create outfits, interior designs, or any kind of collage. Browse and shop thousands of looks created by our vibrant community of stylish people.

  9. Proper Cloth
    Mens custom shirts made out of fine Italian cotton

  10. StyleHop
    At StyleHop, we believe people are tired of being told what to wear by celebrities, magazine editors and the rest of the fashion establishment. Do you share our belief that consumers deserve a voice in fashion? Do you wish there was an honest, democratic rating system to help make shopping for fashion a whole lot easier? At StyleHop, our mission is to build the most trusted, up-to-date, reliable source for smart people to share their style preferences and make better style decisions.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Fun for Everyone!

We are so excited to bring you todays list of holiday fun. Check out all of the links as you will not be disappointed. Do you have ideas for 10 Links a Day, please email us at From the team here at 10 Links a Day, we wish you a happy holidays season!

Today's 10 Links a Day: Fun holiday links!

  1. Elf Yourself
    Be prepared for tons of fun

  2. Send Holiday Cheer
    Hilarious holiday greetings site.

  3. YouTube Greeting Cards
    Changes it up and send a funny video greeting card this year.

    Send something from the whole group

  5. Ace Your Face
    More personalized holiday ecard fun

  6. Ojolie
    Beautiful electronic animated cards

  7. Santa Mail Direct
    Letters from Santa

    Enjoy the joy and magic of Christmas in Santa’s Secret Village!

  9. Norad Santa
    Track Santa on his journey

    All things Christmas

  11. Click a Deer for holiday Cheer!
    Fun interactive animation

  12. I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
    More fun animationo

  13. Odd Todd Wishing you Happy Holidays!
    Gotta love Odd Todd!

  14. Holiday Party Excuse Generator

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Wish I thought of That!

We are back with more amazing sites that we wish we thought of! Congratulations to all of the folks that started these sites. Keep up the great work. If you have a site that you admire, let us know by dropping us a note to

Today's 10 Links a Day: I Wish I Thought of That!

  1. Daily Grommet
    At the heart of it, we’re a bunch of regular folks with a passion for finding Grommets; wonderful products--with interesting stories--that people would love to know about. We’re independent—no one pays us to select a product. In fact, the best thing is, lots of people help us by sharing their own favorite discoveries. In that way, our “team” is anyone who believes that we can make a difference by celebrating the useful, innovative, and beautifully crafted Grommets we collectively discover.

  2. 123people
    123people is a real time people search tool that looks into nearly every corner of the Web.

  3. VIVA
    VIVA: Visual Index to the Virtual Archives of The Skyscraper Museum is an innovative visually-based interface that uses a 3-D computer model of Manhattan in the year 2000 as a click-on map. Web visitors can view the city, present and past, and access the Museum's collections of postcards, urban views and construction photographs through an on-line, searchable database. The concept of a visual index recognizes the importance of graphic representation in both the medium of the website and in the way that visitors, virtual or actual, come to comprehend a city through its geography and landmarks.

  4. Amazon Windowshop
    You're passionate about books, movies, TV, music, and video games. Us too. Enter Amazon Windowshop--a destination for discovering what's new and hot in the world of movies, music, and more. We've taken out the text and created an immersive experience to help you lose yourself in exploration. Trailers for bestselling movies. Insight into the hottest TV shows and video games. Track samples from Tuesday's new music releases. Audio reviews of books you should read. Amazon Windowshop lets you get a taste of many titles. They're here - in one place - and all you have to do is move a few keys to zoom in on whatever flips your switch.

  5. is the first global p2p goods delivery platform that enables its community to help-out eachotherwith getting access to the best goodies the world has to offer.

  6. Wize
    Finding the product that's right for you is hard. Reading thousands of reviews and picking from hundreds of products is difficult and frustrating. It takes a lot of time to make sense of all this information and find the product that fits your needs. We built to solve this problem. Wize gathers millions of product reviews from websites like,, and CNET. Using our proprietary technology we figure out which products are the best for how people want to use them.

  7. Spoonflower
    Fabric and design. Creativity and color. The Spoonflower community uses fabric to make quilts, clothes, pillows, dolls, blankets, handbags, framed textile art and many other things. When we're lucky, our customers post photos of the beautiful items they make in the Spoonflower photo gallery on Flickr.

    a free online service that makes it easy to trade-in all of your unwanted devices (not just cell phones) for cash, an Gift Card, PayPal money, or a charitable donation.

  9. inmod
    Design Your Own Modern Bedding. Inmod's custom modern bedding is hand-embroidered and is crafted with premium fabrics including silk taffetta, silk dupioni, and a plush linen blend. Inmod Design Studio gives you complete creative freedom to design your own luxury bedding. With the ability to choose from dozens of fabric and embroidery colors, and a growing selection of chic modern, retro, pop-art, geometric and nature inspired designs, your custom duvet will be truly unique.

  10. The Gift is a global movement to inspire the world through acts of giving.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Movies

There's no better way to get into the holiday spirit than enjoying some family time to watch a classic holiday movie. Today's list is just a smattering of the great holiday films out there. What's your favorite holiday film?

Today's 10 Links a Day - Movies to get you in the Holiday Spirit.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Feel the beat.

This past week, a contributor to 10 Links a Day, received 4 mix cd's from various friends as holiday gifts. This sparked a great discussion in the office regarding favorite music and what music we would each share with others. Since we were feeling the beat, we figured we'd kick off this week with a music related post. Rock on!

Today's 10 Links a Day: Music for a Monday

    An online community where music fans create and share music playlists

  2. Amie Street
    The best place to discover new music

    OurStage gives you the power to decide who should top the charts in 50+ music genres, from Rock to Electronic, Rap to Country. Your tastes will not just generate exciting new music for you to discover, it will also help take deserving artists to the next level of their careers. So go ahead and let your ears decide tomorrow's hit-makers today.

  4. The Next Big Sound
    Listen to the demos of unsigned artists and sign the ones you think will become famous to your own record label.

  5. MTV Music
    Does it require an introduction?

  6. Taste Kid
    Hey there! I am Emmy. Let me suggest you some music, movies and books. To begin, tell me what you like. Write down for me some (at least one) of your favorite bands, movies and/or books

  7. Noise Trade
    Fair trade music

    Share your mix. Discover new music. 8tracks is a simple way for people to create or listen to a mix, a short playlist containing at least 30 minutes—roughly 8 tracks—of music.

  9. Fairtilizer
    Fairtilizer is Do It Yourself Music Club providing tools and services for artists, labels, and media to share, promote, and distribute today's best new music

  10. Jams Bio
    Your life through music.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Travel 2.0 - take 2

Back by popular demand is a new list of Travel 2.0 sites, just in time if you haven't booked your holiday travel. Tell us your favorite travel sites. Haven't had enough? Check out our Travel category.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Travel 2.0 - Part 2
  1. iloho
    Travel news, flight reviews, networking and more.

  2. trivago
    Hotel Reviews & price comparison

  3. Go Street Maps
    Street maps from around the world

    PlanetEye is a one-stop destination for all your travel planning needs.

    Your first step to a great trip.

  6. skyscanner
    Cheap flights, low cost air travel, flight deals, budget airline tickets

  7. Couch Surfing
    Participate in Creating a Better World, One Couch At A Time

  8. geckogo!
    Travel Planning made fun

  9. Spotted by Locals/
    Experience cities like a local

  10. 10 Links a Day
    Previous Travel 2.0 post - bonus - more links!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Need A Job?

It seems that everywhere you turn, people are looking for jobs. We hope that these links will assist with your job search. Do you have other favorite job search engines/aggregators? Comment below...

Lots of luck and remember to be honest and ask lots of questions.

If you have ideas for 10 Links a Day, please email us at 

Today's 10linkaday : Job Search Engines
  1. Monster

  2. Hotjobs

  3. Careerbuilder

  4. Craigslist

  5. Simply Hired

  6. Flipdog

  7. Dice

  8. NY Times

  9. Juju

  10. ConnectMoms

  11. LinkedIn

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kids Helping Kids

Looking for a way to teach your kids that giving can be just as rewarding as receiving? The links below provide inspiration and make it easy to take action. Each charity on the list (some started by kids themselves!) needs your family’s help and getting your children involved will let them see firsthand that it feels great to make a difference in the world.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Kids helping Kids
  1. Project Good Gift
    Kids make the generous decision to give up a gift this holiday season and urge their families, friends and relatives to make a donation to Generation Cures instead. All donations fund life-saving research Children’s Hospital Boston, making it possible to find new cures and treatments for suffering kids all over the world.

  2. Secret Santa
    Have your kids round up old toys and drop them at a toy drive location convenient to you.

  3. Animal Giving Program
    Your family can help needy families around the world purchase animals whose milk and eggs will serve as a much needed source of daily nourishment.

  4. Children to Children
    Started by a teen, this organization’s mission is to give every foster child their own duffel bag with a stuffed animal inside.

  5. Macy’s / Make A Wish Foundation
    Sit down with your children and help them write a letter about why they believe in Santa. For each letter received, Macy’s will donate $1 dollar to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  6. Pajama Program
    Let your kids choose a favorite pair of pajamas and new book to give to foster children across the USA.

  7. Locks of Love
    Do you have a child who is willing to part with their lovely tresses? If so, they can donate their hair this holiday season and help kids who have lost their own locks to illness.

  8. Give2thetroops
    Team up with your kids to put together a care package or two and send them to our troops serving overseas and spread some holiday cheer.

  9. Little Red Wagon
    Established a few years ago by a 5th grader, Little Red Wagon aims to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. Visit the site and find out how you and your children can help.

  10. Volunteer!
    Depending on your child’s age and the organization, volunteer opportunities exist in every town and city in your state.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Aw, what a cute child....

Back by popular demand is another segment in our Parenting Resources series. Today's list is a smorgasbord of sites that entails great resource for parents.

If you have ideas for 10 Links a Day, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at

Today's 10 Links a Day: Parenting Resources

  1. kidmondo
    Online journal of your child

  2. Petit Bijou Online
    Boutique children's jewelry

  3. Belle baby carrier
    Organic baby carriers, made in the USA

  4. Sitter City
    Time to get out - need a baby sitter? Try this site.

    Nationwide listing of sitters

  6. hand-me-downs
    Classifieds for Mom

  7. Monster Factory
    Trust us, just check it out! A favorite of 10 Links a Day!

  8. Mommy Mixer

  9. Baby Sport Online
    Water bottle adapter for babies

  10. Babys in style
    For all the little things

Friday, December 05, 2008

Bring on the G

It's Friday and holiday party season has begun. Some of us at 10 Links a Day are a bit hungover, after our first soire of the season last night. Some advice for the party season, sit back, take some aspirin, drink tons of water and take in today's dose of gossip. What else is there to do until the headache goes away. Have a safe, festive weekend!

If you have ideas for 10 Links a Day, please drop us a line at We'd love to hear from you.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Gossip, Gossip, Gossip


  2. omg!



  5. Dishiness

  6. gossipsauce

  7. Oh no they d!dn't

  8. Popvine

  9. Gossip Girls

  10. More Gossip here and here 

Thursday, December 04, 2008

NEW CATEGORY - Woof & Purr

Pet owners, rejoice! We've heard your requests, and we have now added a category for you all. Check out today's links to healthy, natural items and fun items for your munchkin. Send us your favorite links to pet sites at

Today's 10 Links a Day: Happy Pets make Happy Owners

  1. Pet Promise
    All-natural pet food

  2. BARF
    Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet for cats and dogs.

  3. Cyber Canine Herbal Ear Cleaning Blend
    Clear your animal's ears with this natural product.

  4. Only Natural Pet Store
    Your source for healthy supplies for dogs and cats.

  5. Healthy Pet Boutique

  6. Bowser Breath Herbal Breath Drops
    Just a few drops and this item knocks out dog breath

  7. Painting 4 Paws
    Commissioned portraits of your favorite pet.  Up to 25% of proceeds go to animal rescue and welfare groups.

  8. Animal Charities of America
    Make easy, online donations to national and local animal charities.

    Search by zip code, breed, age, even color to find a homeless dog or cat looking for a new home.

    Same idea as the above, but more animal types available.

  11. Tales of Devotion
    This book that explores the bond between people and their pets. 100% of the proceeds go to non-profit animan welfare groups.

  12. Green Paws Direct
    Go green for the pup.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Holiday Shopping - Making a list and checking it twice

Need some ideas for holiday shopping? Fret no longer. 10 Links a Day has gathered the top shopping lists of the holiday season. Don't forget to vote in our poll below.

We love to hear from our readers with ideas and feedback. Drop us a line at

Today's 10 Links a Day: Shop till you drop!
  1. Amazon's Gift List Assistant

  2. Wired's Store of Must Haves

  3. Fine Living - Holiday Giftarama

  4. Real Simples Gifts 50 Gifts under $50

  5. CNET's Gift Guide

  6. NY Mag's Gift List

  7. Newsweek's Gift Guide

  8. Treehugger Gift Guide 2008

  9. Zdnet's Holiday Gift Guide 2008

  10. US Magazine Gift Guide 

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Did you know December is

Check out this months campaigns for various awareness promotions. 

Today's 10 Links a Day: December is...
  1. Safe Toys and Gift Month

  2. Learn A Foreign Language Month 

  3. National Egg Nog Month

  4. National Fruitcake Month 

  5. National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month
    (also known as 3D Month).

  6. National Tie Month 
Sorry folks, only 6 awareness campaigns this month... 

Monday, December 01, 2008

World Aids Day - BloggersUnite

Bloggers Unite

World AIDS Day is observed every year on December 1st. The World Health Organization established World AIDS Day in 1988. World AIDS Day provides governments, national AIDS programs, faith organizations, community organizations, and individuals with an opportunity to raise awareness and focus attention on the global AIDS epidemic.

In 2007, the estimated number of persons living with HIV worldwide was 33.2 million and there were 2.7 million people newly infected.

We hope these resources will assist your efforts to educate, motivate, and mobilize your local community in the fight against HIV/AIDS!

Today's 10 Links a Day: World Aids Day

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): Learn the Link Campaign
  1. Learn the Link: drugs + HIV Web site and Resource
  2. DROGAS + VIDA = Educate Web site and Resources in Español
  3. d’cisions Online Webisode Series 
  4. Other Campaign Materials 
  5. Drugs and HIV Resource Page 
More Resources
  1. MetroTeen AIDS
  2. UN AIDS : The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
  3. Latino Commission on AIDS
  4. the official website of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.
  5. brochures and information about events worldwide.
The Federal government has developed a wealth of HIV/AIDS testing, prevention, treatment and research information. In addition, the following are some of the many resources you can use to help response to HIV/AIDS.
  1. blog about Using New Media Tools in Response to HIV/AIDS
  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – HIV/AIDS
  3. Find an HIV Testing Center Near You
  4. KNOWIT HIV Testing Text Messaging Campaign
  5. National HIV/AIDS Awareness Days
  6. Podcasts from
  7. Updates from from Twitter
There are many ways you can take action in response to HIV/AIDS:
  1. Get tested for HIV
  2. Practice safe methods to prevent HIV
  3. Decide not to engage in high risk behaviors
  4. Talk about HIV prevention with family, friends, and colleagues
  5. Provide support to people living with HIV/AIDS
  6. Get involved with or host an event for World AIDS Day in your community

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shoppers Unite

Today is the largest shopping day of the year. Black Friday. 10 Links a Day is bringing back some oldies but goodies that will give you all of the resources you need to hit the stores, online or in person armed with deals and coupons. Why pay full price!?!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Charity Begins at Home

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. We are very thankful for what we have. Please do not forget to give something back for those that are less fortunate or are unable to join their family on this treasured holiday. Today's list is a group of organizations that recently reached out to 10 Links a Day. We thought we would share them with you.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Do unto others...

  1. Special Olympics

  2. MADD

  3. City Harvest

  4. Habitat for Humanity

  5. CARE

  6. Environmental Defense Fund

  7. Ronald McDonald House Charities

  8. Make a Wish Foundation

  9. Food for the Poor

  10. Project Hope

  11. Smile Train

  12. The New York Foundling

  13. Macular Degeneration Research

  14. Project Renewal

  15. USO - Support our Troops

  16. Children's Aid Society

  17. Meals on Wheels 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hilariousness - 10 Funny/Fun Videos

A fun set of videos today to get you through to the Thanksgiving dinner table. Have a great holiday.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Entertainment via fun videos.

1. Adult Choir Caught Ridin' Dirty

2. Cat Ridin' Roomba

3. RutRow

4. Just Because

5. Thriller

6. Pilgrim Buckles (rated r)

7. Shiba Inu Puppy Cam
Live Videos by Ustream
8. Friends with Benefits Ceremony

9. Funny Elephant Video
10. Funny haha

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Oprah Shopping List: Gifts Under $100

Recently, Oprah came out with her list of great gifts for under $100. There are some great ideas on the list below and 10 Links a Day would like to thank Oprah and her team for pulling together this amazing list. Check them out...

Today's 10 Links a Day: Oprah's Gift List under $100.

  1. Sterling Characters
    A deluxe alternative to turning down page corners. Fancy tasseled bookmarks from Christofle, a hallowed name in silver, are incised with floral and animal prints. Give with a favorite novel.
    $56 each at Christofle

  2. The Effortless Shirt
    Shirts that need ironing don't get out much. Wrinkle-free versions—updated with menswear prints, slimmer fit, a bit of stretch—are always ready to wear. Ideal for the business traveler.
    $90 each; Brooks Brothers

  3. 2 Robes in 1
    Everyday robes can be boring and, frankly, dowdy. Not these. Made of plushy microfleece, they're light, warm, lusciously colored—not the usual wimpy pastels—and fully reversible.
    Cruz, $68; Natori

  4. Always Handy
    Because we're always losing one, a woman can never have too many gloves. These leather and calf hair shorties (in solids or patterns) give coats new life.
    $69 to $79 each; Club Monaco for stores

  5. Pop-Top Chic
    This glamorous purse looks like chain mail, but it's really made of recycled pull tabs (minus the sharp edges). Crocheted in Brazilian craft cooperatives, they help to reduce waste and create jobs.
    Escama Studio, $92, Charles Nolan; 888-996-6526

  6. Sun Salute
    The Credo Mobile Solio uses solar energy to power wireless devices (eight to 10 hours in the sun for a full recharge). One percent of all sales goes to progressive nonprofit organizations.
    $99.95; Credo Mobile

  7. The New Rose Bowl
    Cutting-edge Italian design for an old-fashioned price! Everyone needs something pretty to showcase apples, pears, or vegetables; this stenciled metal rose-motif design lets the color of the produce peep through.
    $69; Alessi

  8. Cool Jewels
    Chains entwined with pearls are the new big thing in jewelry. This gloriously chunky mixed-media bracelet also has a retro-looking monogrammed charm.
    $90; Maximal Art

  9. Cachet and Carry
    It's tricky giving someone a handbag, but these are exceptionally snazzy; strapped and buckled patent leather in elegant colors—and what a perfect size.
    $99 each with code OPRAH; London Fog

  10. Pet Watch
    Humans who stress about leaving animal companions alone will love the Panasonic BL-C1 network camera, which lets them observe their pets from a computer or mobile phone via a free permanent Web address.
    $99.95; Panasonic

  11. No Frills Cell
    Large buttons, more legible onscreen displays, and one-touch call keys make the Pantech Breeze a brilliant choice for those who weren't born in the wireless age.
    $80 with two-year AT&T contract; ATT Wireless

  12. Just Plain E-Mail
    Some people are thrilled by bells and whistles. Others can do without fussy setups and yet another technology to master. The Peek delivers e-mail, and that's all, folks.
    $99.95, plus $19.95 per month for service;

  13. As Time Goes By
    This refined kitchen calendar consists of individual cards, each with a seasonal motif printed on thick, creamy paper. It's a tasteful way to keep track of the year.
    $54; Charles Fradin Home

  14. Salad Days
    Balsamic vinegar goes from basic to beautiful with this four-bottle set from Tondo. Each slender bottle is spiked with one of four infusions: fig, citrus, lemon, or pomegranate.
    $55; Baldor

  15. An Appetite for Glamour
    The most design-savvy person you know will adore this chic anodized-aluminum tray stamped with an image from the natural world.
    Eduardo Garza for Formentero, $95 each; Formentero

  16. Beyond Boheme
    Puccini's music can break hearts and stun with its sheer drama. Mark the composer's 150th birthday with a gift of the complete operas, a 20-CD set of stellar performances (by Leontyne Price, Plácido Domingo…) from Sony BMG Masterworks.

  17. Brownie Points
    If you've had brownie-studded Ben and Jerry's ice cream, you've tasted Greyston Bakery's fudge treats. Now the bakery, which provides jobs to the disadvantaged, is selling its decadent Do-Goodie brownies at retail and giving 100 percent of proceeds to charity.
    $71 for 24; Greyston Bakery

  18. Ethical Chic
    Often handmade crafts have a folksy Birkenstock vibe. Not this stylish tote, a fair-trade collaboration between designer Patti Carpenter and Guatemalan artisans: In striped gray cotton, it's got a cool, urban chic.
    Carpenter + Company, $85; MXYPLYZYK

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fave Games

Don't you simply love Free Flash Online Games, however, there are so many out there which makes finding the best ones a hassle. For the past 6 months our devoted AllMyFaves team has searched and played more than 5000 games and narrowed it down to the best 200. For you guys, I have narrowed it down to the best 10. The last 3 are thinking games. Enjoy!

Today's 10 Links a Day: AllMyFaves Guest Blog - Fave Games
  1. Penguin Dinner
    Penny the penguin has her flippers full trying to manage a bustling Antarctic diner! Help her keep the food hot and the customers cool by seating, serving, and cleaning as quickly as possible. Remember: the happier the customers, the bigger the tips!

  2. Bubble Struggle 2
    You are the devil in the trench coat. The mission of Bubble Struggle 2 is to Pop all bubbles!!

  3. More Bloons
    Pop all the Bloons. If Pac-Man is the most addicting game in the 20th century, Bloons is of the 21st century.

  4. Tower Bloxx
    Build your tower and see how many citizens will move into your building. Timing is the key!

  5. Ninja Hunter
    A fun educational game. You are a samurai who must protect his temple against evil ninjas. Your only weapon is your typing skills and how fast you can type. kill off all your enemies before they can reach the temple.

  6. Cowboy's School
    You should try to shoot all targets as soon as they appear. Each time you miss you will lose a life. As you progress the targets will get faster. Go Cowboy!

  7. Pac-Man
    My personal most favorite game. The player controls Pac-Man through a maze, eating dots. When all dots are eaten, Pac-Man is taken to the next stage. Four ghosts roam the maze, trying to catch Pac-Man. If a ghost touches Pac-Man, a life is lost. When all lives have been lost, the game ends.

  8. Bloxorz
    Extremely unique puzzle. Bloxorz is a skill based game that requires a lot of patience and spatial awareness.

  9. 3D Logic II
    The next generation of the famous puzzle game '3D Logic'. The exciting quest in the mysterious land of the Sage and the new challenge for your IQ!

  10. Traveler IQ
    In this fun challenge, you'll be asked to pin point where famous places, cities and travel destinations are located. We'll then calculate your Traveler IQ based on how close you were and how quickly you found the spot.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Black Friday - get your links to the deals here...

It's time to make those lists and check them twice! Black Friday is right around the corner. We are bringing you all of the links you need to prepare for the annual shopfest! A toast to saving lots of money in this down economy. If you have links that you would like to add to this list, please comment below. 

Programming Note: We shied away from listing individual store deals for this post and focused on the aggregator sites. Each site posts different deals, so to maximize your savings, check them all out.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Black Friday Deals...
  1. Amazon Black Friday

  2. TGI Black Friday



  5. The Bargainist


  7. Black Friday 2008



  10. Black Friday Online


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Travel Tips

We recently read this very informative article and thought it would be great to share with you all, especially if you plan to travel over the holidays or know someone that is. This article sums up what needs to be done to make your trip from here to there a much more pleasant experience. Safe Travels and Enjoy.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Travel Prep
  1. Fly Happy
    Before you get on a plane this Holiday season, be sure to equip yourself with these flight essentials. No-Jet-Lag Homeopathic Remedy Tablets will remedy any jet lag you may experience on your trip. For rest and comfort, bring a neck pillow and some ear plugs. And if you're traveling to a foreign country, be sure to brush up on the language with a handy phrase book!

  2. Pack Smart
    If you don't pack well for your Holiday travel, you'll be in for some headaches. You'll want to pack as efficiently as possible, using space-saving items likevacuum sealed bags and this Pack-Flat Back-Up Bag which packs flat to fit in your suitcase and unzips to become a carry-on sized bag (perfect for souvenirs and gifts!).
    Also available:  Luggage Locks | All Luggage

  3. Stay Beautiful
    Traveling can take its toll on your body, but you don't have to let it show. The Travel Agent provides you with all your beauty must-haves in convenient to-go sizes. This Grab + Go Portables has everything a guy on the go needs for face, body, and hair. These travel sizes are small enough to pack in your carry-on bag.
    Also available:  Lifeline Travel Kit | Canyon Ranch | Mini Flat Iron

  4. Keep Clean
    GoTravel is an elegant travel kit containing everything you need to keep your smile whiter, healthier and younger-looking on-the-go. The VIOlight Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer uses a UV bulb to sanitize your toothbrushes. This Travel Bottle Packincludes shampoo/conditioner and shower gel/body lotion in a zippered pouch. And don't forget anti-bacterial wipes!
    Shop for: 
    Go Smile Travel Set | Toothbrush Sanitizer | Travel Bottle Pack

  5. Stay Entertained
    Whether in a train, plane, or automobile, you'll want to bring some entertainment. The Amazon Kindle is an eBook reader that lets you read books, newspapers, and blogs using a compact device. If you'd like to watch movies, bring a portable DVD player. For games, a Nintendo DS Lite. An iPod touch is a great all-in-one device for music, pictures, video, and Internet. Shop for: Amazon Kindle | Portable DVD Players | Nintendo DS Lite

  6. Tan Safely
    If you're heading to warmer climates during your holiday vacation, be sure to packsunscreen, a nice pair of sunglasses, and a space-saving reversible swimsuit. If you'll be enjoying the frosty winter weather over the holidays, grab a portable dispenser of Sugar Travel Tan to create your own sheer, golden tan.
    Shop for: 
    Travel Tan | Sunscreen | Sunglasses

  7. Repair Clothes
    After packing your clothes into suitcases and garment bags, you may find them wrinkled when you arrive at your destination. Take a travel steamer with you to remove wrinkles and fold your clothes. A lint remover will also be handy. In worst-case scenarios, you may need to remove stains with a Tide To Go Stick, or even replace a button with a handy sewing kit.
    Shop for: 
    Travel Steamers | Lint Removers | Tide To Go Sticks

  8. Jetset Fashion for Girls
    This Burton reversible down jacket for women is beautifully sculpted and stuffed with 550 goose down fill. Want a different look to get you through the cold months? Just reverse the jacket inside-out for a new outfit. All the features stay the same, but you can rage in a new color. The microfleece lined pockets and chin area keep the sensitive spots feeling soft and comfy. Also available: Reversible Jackets | Reversible Clutch | Reversible Sweatshirts

  9. Jetset Fashion for Guys
    Guys should pack at least one dressy jacket for both casual and formal events. Blazers go well with jeans, khakis, and dress pants. Reversible items make packing efficient, as they can be used repeatedly without notice. Reversible jacketsbelts, and hats are all very convenient items to bring in your suitcase.
    Shop for: 
    Reversible Jackets | Reversible Belts | Reversible Hats

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