Friday, May 30, 2008

Atop the Table

Looking to jazz up your dinner/dining room table with some creative serving ware and table top items etc...? Have we got a selection of unique designers for your viewing and shopping pleasure. Today's selection will take your table top from drab to fab! Go ahead, get inspired and click below.

Today's 10linksaday: Creative & Unique Table Top Designers

  1. artedona

  2. clio Home

  3. Corelle

  4. Dibbern

  5. French Bull

  6. lille

  7. Not neutral

  8. Rosanna

  9. snowden flood

  10. Tonfisk design

  11. Wedgewood

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Foodies - Dig in

Today turned into a late night! It was way too late to order in or to cook-up a meal. Instead, we turned to the Internet to hunt down the latest sizzling food blogs and fantasize about our next meal. We can't wait until the stores open tomorrow morning and we can gorge ourselves silly. Until then, our bellies say, growl to y'all!

Today's 10linksaday: Fun Food Blogs!

  1. 101 Cookbooks

  2. Chocolate & Zucchini

  3. Food Blogga

  4. The Food Section

  5. The Strong Buzz

  6. Tasting Menu

  7. foodbuzz

  8. energy fiend

  9. Mom's Best Recipes

  10. (the)foodblogblog

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Uncensored Interview's Favorite Indie & Lifestyle Sites

Hey 10linkers! Uncensored Interview is back guest blogging on one of our favorite must read sites. This time around, we’re going to focus on Indie lifestyle blogs for your reading pleasure. Before you ask, this is not a Top 10 homage to skinny jeans and Beatles hairstyles – instead, we’re hitting the streets of the blogosphere to bring you a little dish of music, entertainment and reality from our favorite indie bloggers.

Today’s 10linksaday: Indie Music & Lifestyle Sites you need to know!

1. Wayward Panties
Let founder Tiffany Childs give you the scoop behind- big hair, feel good music, appreciation and panties.

Josh Cohen from is a walking tv guide for the web (and badass Roman history buff). He’ll tell ya.

3. Hidden Track
Hidden Track is THE independent weblog (affiliated with Glide Magazine) that covers ANYTHING that has to do with music. Piece o’ cake.

4. Radiobutt
You know that ‘site’ that posts the latest info before anyone else? Radiobutt scoops them every time – guaranteed.

5. Music Slut
Do we even need to preface this one? They are rockstars in their own right.

6. Earfarm
LOVE their posts! EF covers indie players both big and small – only thing they all have in common is talent

7. Downtown Diary
Miss Sex and the City? Check this video blog out for an “indie” SATC.

8. Sit Down Stand Up
Wes Verhoeve. All time hip-hop blogger and indie writing/rocking royalty.

9. Randomville
Mainstream monsters, indie posers and all around punk ass bitches have no place with Watch out cuz they are killing indie cred one reader at a time.

10. Uncensored Interview
Shameless, we know, but necessary. Visit Uncensored Interview’s fantastic site and blog several times a day. It’s where indie gets defined. Trust, us it’s like a one night stand without the guilt or STD.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Space Exploration - It's out of this World!

Tuesday's special guest blogger, Stray, is bringing us all to another stratosphere. With the exciting and successful landing of the Phoenix Mars Lander, is bringing you some out of this world links to help you extend your knowledge and track what promises to be some "ice breaking" discoveries. Enjoy!

Today's 10linksaday: It's out of this world - Space Exploration!

  1. Mission Home Page

  2. NASA Home Page

  3. NASA Picture of the Day

  4. Space Exploration History

  5. The Benefits of Space Exploration


  7. Space links for Kids

  8. Astronomy – Buying a Telescope

  9. Sky Events Calendar

  10. Space Exploration from Wikipedia

Monday, May 26, 2008

V is for Vegan

Oprah announced this past week that she's doing a 21 day Vegan detox diet. This peaked our interest into researching the benefits of this program, which led to today's posting. Are you considering doing this? Are you already a vegan? How is it? Check out the resources below to help you live a Vegan lifestyle.

Today's 10linksaday: Vegan Resources


  2. Vegan Action

  3. SoYouWanna be a Vegan

  4. Veganism in a Nutshell

  5. Vegan Recipes

  6. Fatfree Vegan Recipes

  7. Vegan Blog

  8. Wikipedia Entry on Veganism

  9. Vegan Society

  10. Vegan Forum

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Artists to watch!

Today's guest blogger, Jason of Every Person In New York was kind enough to send us his favorite artists to share with you all! Check out these artists and don't forget to check out his latest project. If you are in NYC, be sure to make an appointment with him to take part in his project!

Today's 10linksaday: Jason's Top Artists

  1. Derek Erdman

  2. Tucker Nichols

  3. Michael Worful

  4. Pourous Walker

  5. Jason Fulford

  6. Brian Belott

  7. David Shrigley

  8. Ron Jude

  9. Rich Jacobs

  10. Eric White

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I wish I thought of that

Today's posting is our next installment of, Hmm... I wish I thought of that. It's a hodgepodge of new discoveries on the web. Check them out, you too will be saying, Hmm... I wish I thought of that, too! Send us your ah-hah websites: We'd love to hear from you!

Today's 10linksaday: I wish I thought of that

  1. Smarty Pig
    SmartyPig is a simple, smart, fun way to save for a specific goal. Using groundbreaking technology and the latest in security standards, SmartyPig allows you to invite family and friends to contribute to your account, gives you additional incentive boosts from top retailers who sell exactly what you’re saving for AND 3.90% (APY) interest on the money you’re saving. Simple, Smart, Savings. SmartyPig!

  2. pingg
    Invite online, in style. Design and send uniquely personalized online invitations for social and business events. The combination of easy to use design tools, a large selection of pre-designed invitations and library of over 2 million unique images create stylish and great looking invitations for any event.

  3. Nubrella
    "The Ultimate Weather Protector". Nubrella is no ordinary umbrella. It protects you against rain, wind, sleet, snow and extreme cold. It is an umbrella for all inclement weather conditions not just rain.

  4. LivingSocial
    LivingSocial lets you catalog your interests, browse what your friends enjoy, and find others with the same interests as you. The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll be LivingSocial.

  5. Dear God
    Dear God is a global project for people around the world to share their innermost hopes - and fears - through prayer.It doesn’t matter what your version of God is…Jesus, Allah, Buddha or simply a spiritual universal energy… praying to a higher power soothes and heals. It’s scientifically proven that people who pray are healthier, happier and more resilient.

  6. FriendFeed
    FriendFeed enables you to keep up-to-date on the web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing. It offers a unique way to discover and discuss information among friends.

  7. Every Person in New York
    I am trying to draw every person in New York. I will be drawing people everyday and posting as frequently as I can. It is possible that I will draw you without you knowing it. I draw in Subway stations and museums and restaurants and on street corners. I try not to be in the way when I am drawing or be too noticeable. Whenever I have a new batch of drawings I will post them on this blog.

  8. Nervous System
    Nervous System creates experimental jewelry, combining nontraditional materials like silicone rubber and stainless steel with rapid prototyping methods. We find inspiration in complex patterns generated by computation and nature.

  9. the human calendar
    You have to go to this site to understand. Check it out!

  10. Reusable Grocery Bags
    Hello and welcome to, your premier headquarters for custom non-woven polypropylene Eco friendly bags. Whether you are a large grocery store looking for the best custom reusable grocery bag available, or a corporation looking for a nice tradeshow bag, we are here and ready to help you. For those of you simply looking to put down the paper and plastic to help our earth, have a look inside as we have several bags which can be bought in minimum quantities and are sure to bring a smile to your face!

  11. WorldWide Telescope
    The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a environment that enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope—bringing together imagery from the best ground and space-based telescopes in the world for a seamless exploration of the universe.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wall & Fabric Selections for all Tastes

A fond memory of my childhood is the psychedelic wallpaper that was all over my home growing up. Looks like those days are back, but much more tastefully designed this time around. Check out all of the new styles of wallpaper and fabrics to fulfill your design fantasies!

Today's 10linksaday: Tasteful Wall & Fabric Offerings

  1. Cole & Son

  2. de Gournay

  3. Firm Living

  4. Graham Brown

  5. i.e

  6. Jocelyn Warner

  7. Kvadrat

  8. Nama Rococo

  9. Osborne & Little

  10. Publisher Textiles

  11. Rapture & Wright

  12. Reprodepot

  13. St Jude’s

  14. The Collection

  15. Timorous Beasties

  16. Twenty2

  17. Vintage

  18. Walnut Paper

  19. Wolf Gordon

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fashionistsas - this one's for you!

We have a new guest blogger visiting 10linksaday today and boy did she bring it! Vikki Ziegler, Divorce Attorney and Founder of Hookups and Breakups Celebrity News brings 10linksaday a bevy of fashion advice. Embrace this source as she's committed to being a regular on 10linksaday! And now, heeeeeeeeeeeere's Vikki...

...Who doesn't peek at the celebrities and their fashions, whether it's the red carpet or day to day wear. Today's sites dish all the dirt about celebs and fashion - what's hot and what's not. You can even find your celebrity's favorite dress on I Saw It In and buy it. Continue your obsession with celebrities and what they are wearing with these links below.

Today's 10linksaday: Fashion Trends for Celebrities

  1. Celebrity Fashion Watch

  2. InStyle UK

  3. E! Online Fashion Police

  4. Boutique to You

  5. People Style Watch

  6. Google Celebrity Fashion

  7. Apparel Search

  8. I Saw It In

  9. Young Hollywood Fashion

  10. Manolo's Shoe Blog

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do you have a pen pal?

Do you remember the days before email? I remember when I was growing up, I had pen pals! I wrote letters with pens (pens were recently added to the endangered species list along with polar bears) Today we are encouraging a bit of a revolution. Here's what you need to do:

First: Check out the links below.
Second: Find a favorite and buy it.
Three: Accept delivery and start writing a friend.

We promise your friend will be extremely grateful to go to the mailbox and receive a handwritten letter versus another bill or advertisement? Take our word for it!

Today's 10linksaday: Stop and write a letter to a dear friend!

  1. dauphine press

  2. Dear Olive

  3. emmarose papery

  4. Greenwich letter press

  5. hammer press

  6. Joh Lineweaver

  7. Made by Girl

  8. Marsville

  9. paper posey

  10. paper products design

  11. Pink loves brown

  12. Sesame letter press

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Charity starts at home

Lately, it feels like there is one disaster after another being reported in the news. Maybe this is the case, or maybe I'm just paying more attention. Either way, it's time to stand up and help others that are less fortunate than yourself. Recently, has joined the BlogHer Network. We are currently raising money for women who are less fortunate around the world. (see right hand column to donate). A combination of the recent disaster press coverage and the blog her campaign has motivated 10linksaday to bring you today's posting. Please do your part as a citizen of this earth :)

Today's 10linksaday: Help others & donate

  1. China Quake Relief and other efforts supported through Direct Relief International

  2. Charity Water

  3. The Nature Conservancy

  4. Calvert Foundation

  5. Global Response

  6. Greenfinder

  7. Goods for Good

  8. Innocence Project

  9. Plant a Billion

  10. Stop Climate Crisis

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thinking of the readers!

Did you know it's Women's Health Week? - No worries, brings you all of the tidbits you need to know!

Looking to donate to some fantastic causes - check out our posting for Wednesday 5/14/08!

Have ideas for Send them over to

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National Women's Health Week

National Women's Health Week - May 11 - 17, 2008 - It's Your Time: Get Inspired. Get Healthy.

A fan of 10linksaday wrote in to tell us that it's National Women's Health Week! Time for all of the ladies to get healthy by taking action. This initiative encourages women to make their health a top priority and take simple steps for a longer, healthier and happier life. Today we bring you 10 ideas on where to go to reach this initiative. Thanks to Nattybo for sending in this fantastic subject matter!

Today's 10linksaday: Ladies, it's time to get healthy!
  1. Join the Woman's Challenge
  2. Visit for great ideas
  3. Read decade by decade health guides: Your 20s | Your 30s | Your 40s | Your 50s | Your 60s | Your 70s]
  4. Women, Skin Health & Beauty
  5. Join the Women's Health Coalition
  6. Which tests will you need at your next check-up?
  7. Visit the Women's Health Expo!
  8. Join the Society for Women's Health Research
  9. Visit EngenderHealth
  10. Get ideas for Women's Health

Monday, May 12, 2008

May Book Club

It's May and time for another installment of the 10linksaday Book Club. Over the past month, we have done a bunch of research on the books selected. We hope that you enjoy the selections as much as we do. If you have ideas for future Book Club postings or just want to reach out to 10linksaday, we'd love to hear from you:

Today's 10linksaday: May Book Club

  1. The Last Lecture

  2. A Freewheelin' Time: A Memoir of Greenwich Village in the Sixties

  3. A Wolf at the Table: A Memoir of My Father

  4. The Ten-Year Nap

  5. The Sum of Our Days: A Memoir

  6. The Assault on Reason

  7. Getting the Love You Want, 20th Anniversary Edition: A Guide for Couples

  8. The Woman Who Can't Forget: The Extraordinary Story of Living with the Most Remarkable Memory Known to Science--A Memoir

  9. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

  10. The Plague of Doves: A Novel

Friday, May 09, 2008

Architectural Furniture

10linksaday admires architecture and the architects behind it. When one says architecture, the first thing that pops into 99% of the people's minds are buildings. Well, famous architects do much more than design buildings. Today we bring you famous architect's furniture designs.

Today's 10linksaday: Famous Architect's Furniture Designs

1.Charles Eames - Lounge and Ottoman

2. Eero Saarinen - Armchair

3. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - Barcelona Chair

4. George Nakashima - Straight Backed Chair

5. Paulo Mendes da Rocha - Paulistano chair

6. Alvar Aalto - Aalto Nr. 41 Paimio

7. Eileen Gray - Side Table

8. Frank Lloyd Wright - Table and Chairs

9. Frank Gehry - Wiggle Chair

10 . Zaha Hadid - Gyre

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Travel Bargains in 2008

These days, it's tough to find a cost effective vacation destination without breaking the bank. That is, until today. 10linksaday did all of the homework for you. Today we bring you a list of the top bargains that stretch your dollar for the ultimate getaway. We didn't get into the specifics of each location, but provided you links to the official tourism sites for each location. (Although the staff has been to many of the locations. Drop us a line if you want some guidance in planning your trip)

Today's 10linksaday: True Travel Bargains

  1. Argentina

  2. Bali

  3. China

  4. Costa Rica

  5. Nicaragua and Honduras

  6. Panama

  7. Puerto Rico

  8. Thailand

  9. The U.S. National Parks

  10. Vietnam

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Webby Winners!

10linksaday loves the Webby Awards! We love them so much that we are bringing you a whole lot more than 10 links today! We are thrilled to bring you all of the winners selected by their committee. We thought we had the web covered, but we picked up many new sites that we admire. Congratulations to all of the nominees and props to the winners. See you at Internet Week in NYC in June!

Today's 10linksaday: Webby Winners! You go, you are winner!

  1. Activism -

  2. Art -
    Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years

  3. Associations -

  4. Automotive -
    Toyota - FJ Cruiser

  5. Banking -
    Lending Club

  6. Beauty & Cosmetics -
    The Lynx Effect

  7. Best Copywriting -

  8. Best Welcome/Home Page -
    The Los Angeles Film School

  9. Best Navigation/Structure &
    Best Visual Design - Function & Podcasts -

  10. Best Practices & Community -

  11. Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics -
    Happiness Factory - Now Hiring

  12. Best Use of Photography -
    Your Shot - National Geographic Magazine

  13. Best Use of Typography -
    Type City

  14. Best Use of Video or Moving Image -

  15. Best Visual Design- Aesthetic -
    Checkland Kindleysides

  16. Blog - Business - Alphaville

  17. Blog - Cultural/Personal & Netart -

  18. Blog- Political -
    The Huffington Post

  19. Broadband - Full Episode Player

  20. Celebrity/Fan -
    Annie Lennox Official Website

  21. Charitable Donations Nonprofit -
    Katrina: An Unnatural Disaster

  22. Consumer Electronics -
    It's D

  23. Corporate Communications -
    UPM Forest Life

  24. Cultural Institutions -
    Design for the Other 90%

  25. Education -
    The Earth Institute at Columbia University

  26. Employment -
    Consol Energy Recruiting Website

  27. Events -
    Got Character?

  28. Family Parenting -

  29. Fashion -
    Louis Vuitton Core Values

  30. Financial Services -

  31. Food and Beverage -
    Milk Get the Glass Site

  32. Games -

  33. Games Related -
    The Escapist

  34. Government -
    Peace Corps {teens}

  35. Guides/Ratings/Reviews -

  36. Health -
    Try Drugs

  37. Humor -
    The Onion

  38. Insurance -
    Your own world

  39. IT Hardware/Software -

  40. Law -

  41. Lifestyle -

  42. Magazine -
    National Geographic Magazine Online

  43. Movie and Film -
    Simpsons Movie

  44. Music -
    BBC Radio 1 Meet the DJs

  45. News & Newspaper -

  46. Personal Website -
    The Whale Hunt

  47. Pharmaceuticals -

  48. Politics -

  49. Professional Services -
    Action Marketing Group Corporate Website

  50. Radio -
    BBC World Service channel site

  51. Real Estate -

  52. Religion and Spirituality -
    Speaking of Faith

  53. Restaurant -
    Me and My Bod

  54. Retail -
    Ikea Mattress

  55. School -
    The Los Angeles Recording School

  56. Science -

  57. Self Promotion/Portfolio -
    RED Universe

  58. Services -

  59. Social Networking -
    Flock The Social Web Browser

  60. Sports -
    Yahoo! Sports

  61. Student -
    Defining Middle Ground: The Next Generation of Muslim New Yorkers

  62. Telecommunications -
    Sidekick Wiki

  63. Television -
    HBO Voyeur

  64. Tourism -

  65. Travel -

  66. Weird -
    Passive-Aggressive Notes

  67. Youth -
    Scholastic Site Redesign

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Help the Victims of the Cyclone in Myanmar

On May 5, 2008, Tropical Cyclone Nargis slammed in to the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar (Burma) with winds of up to 120 mph, leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands more people homeless. The death toll continues to rise. Priority needs are shelter and clean drinking water.

10linksaday kindly asks that you all help the victims by making a donation to one of these agencies below. They have all announced that they are preparing supplies to be delivered as quickly as possible. If you want to see other charities mentioned, please email us at or post it in the comments section below.

Today's 10linksaday: Donate to help others!

  1. Refugees International

  2. American Red Cross

  3. AmeriCares

  4. Direct Relief International

  5. International Committee of the Red Cross

  6. International Relief Teams

  7. MAP International

  8. Mercy Corps

  9. Save the Children

  10. World Food Programme

  11. World Vision

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mother's Day Gifts

It's that time of the year! Time to celebrate Mom! 10linksaday brings you an easy shopping list that guarantees to make mom smile from ear to ear! Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Today's 10linksaday: Mother's Day Gifts










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