Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Uncensored Interview's Favorite Indie & Lifestyle Sites

Hey 10linkers! Uncensored Interview is back guest blogging on one of our favorite must read sites. This time around, we’re going to focus on Indie lifestyle blogs for your reading pleasure. Before you ask, this is not a Top 10 homage to skinny jeans and Beatles hairstyles – instead, we’re hitting the streets of the blogosphere to bring you a little dish of music, entertainment and reality from our favorite indie bloggers.

Today’s 10linksaday: Indie Music & Lifestyle Sites you need to know!

1. Wayward Panties
Let founder Tiffany Childs give you the scoop behind- big hair, feel good music, appreciation and panties.

Josh Cohen from is a walking tv guide for the web (and badass Roman history buff). He’ll tell ya.

3. Hidden Track
Hidden Track is THE independent weblog (affiliated with Glide Magazine) that covers ANYTHING that has to do with music. Piece o’ cake.

4. Radiobutt
You know that ‘site’ that posts the latest info before anyone else? Radiobutt scoops them every time – guaranteed.

5. Music Slut
Do we even need to preface this one? They are rockstars in their own right.

6. Earfarm
LOVE their posts! EF covers indie players both big and small – only thing they all have in common is talent

7. Downtown Diary
Miss Sex and the City? Check this video blog out for an “indie” SATC.

8. Sit Down Stand Up
Wes Verhoeve. All time hip-hop blogger and indie writing/rocking royalty.

9. Randomville
Mainstream monsters, indie posers and all around punk ass bitches have no place with Watch out cuz they are killing indie cred one reader at a time.

10. Uncensored Interview
Shameless, we know, but necessary. Visit Uncensored Interview’s fantastic site and blog several times a day. It’s where indie gets defined. Trust, us it’s like a one night stand without the guilt or STD.


Michelle said...

that was awesome. i love the fact that you guys put this together. i didnt even know that these sites existed. thanks so much UI!!

kate said...

Wow! Ilana really does look like Carrie from SITC! I'm a huge fan of The Music Slut and love the Randomville creator's story re: "indie"... Can't wait to go investigate some of the other sites on this list I haven't heard of yet. Very cool post ;)

Liz said...

Great stuff you guys. Thanks .Will pass it along. Your friend from the twitterverse

Anonymous said...

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