Monday, May 26, 2008

V is for Vegan

Oprah announced this past week that she's doing a 21 day Vegan detox diet. This peaked our interest into researching the benefits of this program, which led to today's posting. Are you considering doing this? Are you already a vegan? How is it? Check out the resources below to help you live a Vegan lifestyle.

Today's 10linksaday: Vegan Resources


  2. Vegan Action

  3. SoYouWanna be a Vegan

  4. Veganism in a Nutshell

  5. Vegan Recipes

  6. Fatfree Vegan Recipes

  7. Vegan Blog

  8. Wikipedia Entry on Veganism

  9. Vegan Society

  10. Vegan Forum

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