Thursday, December 04, 2008

NEW CATEGORY - Woof & Purr

Pet owners, rejoice! We've heard your requests, and we have now added a category for you all. Check out today's links to healthy, natural items and fun items for your munchkin. Send us your favorite links to pet sites at

Today's 10 Links a Day: Happy Pets make Happy Owners

  1. Pet Promise
    All-natural pet food

  2. BARF
    Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet for cats and dogs.

  3. Cyber Canine Herbal Ear Cleaning Blend
    Clear your animal's ears with this natural product.

  4. Only Natural Pet Store
    Your source for healthy supplies for dogs and cats.

  5. Healthy Pet Boutique

  6. Bowser Breath Herbal Breath Drops
    Just a few drops and this item knocks out dog breath

  7. Painting 4 Paws
    Commissioned portraits of your favorite pet.  Up to 25% of proceeds go to animal rescue and welfare groups.

  8. Animal Charities of America
    Make easy, online donations to national and local animal charities.

    Search by zip code, breed, age, even color to find a homeless dog or cat looking for a new home.

    Same idea as the above, but more animal types available.

  11. Tales of Devotion
    This book that explores the bond between people and their pets. 100% of the proceeds go to non-profit animan welfare groups.

  12. Green Paws Direct
    Go green for the pup.

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