Monday, September 15, 2008

Travel 2.0

Time to hit the road? Need a map? Want to know what to expect when you arrive? If so, check out today's posting that combines travel, maps and social being. Web 2.0 is here to stay, so hop on board and plan a fantastic getaway!

Today's 10 Links a Day: Travel 2.0

  1. EveryScape
    EveryScape takes you from the streets to the sidewalks and through the doors of the world's cities and towns. Letting businesses organizations and consumers build and share their world the way they see it. Not only can you see what your destination looks like from the street, but it goes even farther by letting you explore both the street view and the interiors of buildings, too. The service also helps users find hotels, restaurants, and popular tourist sites with reviews from

  2. HappyMedian
    You tell us where everyone is coming from...we'll find you places to meet in a way that no one else can.

  3. InsideTrip
    InsideTrip provides, for the first time, a true insider's view on how to buy travel by offering not only the best prices, but also the ability to search by TripQuality score

  4. TripIt
    With today's myriad of travel sites, even the most experienced traveler has their hands full managing all the details of a typical trip. Booking airline tickets, hotels, rental cars and restaurants leaves you with lots of separate pieces of paper. Throw in maps, directions, things to do, and weather and the chaos multiplies. TripIt turns chaos into order by making it easy for anyone to: 1. Organize trip details into one master online itinerary -- even if arrangements are booked at multiple travel sites 2. Automatically include maps, directions and weather in their master itinerary 3. Have the option to book restaurants, theatre tickets, activities and more right from within the online itinerary 4.Safely access travel plans online, share them, check-in for flights, or print an itineraryTripIt takes the hassle out of travel itineraries. Simply forward your travel confirmation e-mails to its e-mail address and TripIt will build you a master itinerary, complete with flight/hotel info, maps, driving directions, weather reports, and much more.

  5. Placefav
    Placefav is the easiest way to keep track of and share the places you love with family.

  6. We Heart Places
    You can use this site to bookmark (or remember) places that you want to go in the future, whether it be for a, business trip;- or just to remember a localbar or cafe<. we♥places is for bookmarking and sharing places you'd love to visit.

  7. flagr
    There should be an easy way for EVERYONE to share where they go, while on the go. Such a system would not be limited to use with fancy GPS-enabled mobile phones. Instead, it would rely on the already-popular text messaging infrastructure available on almost every cell phone. Whether exploring new places or revisiting their favorite venues, most everyone you know is constantly exploring.  Flagr changes all this by enabling you to easily keep tabs with your friends’ most current whereabouts as well as their thoughts along the way. Whether it’s a killer burrito place or a new hilarious movie that your friends stumble upon, you are “in the know”

  8. VCarious
    VCarious is a new kind of travel site for exploring destinations in the same way as first-hand travel. Using Web 2.0 technologies, VCarious provides a dynamic, interactive environment for exploring photos, journals, and travel guides. Members can interact with other travelers, share their photos and journals, and participate in creating community travel guides.

  9. TripWiser
    TripWiser is a young, innovative (and, yes, "Travel 2.0") company with a great vision to create & build a community of travelers, where people with shared interests such as road trips, weekend seekers, my Zagat list, spring breakers, family adventurers, can collaborate and share travel advice, plans and experiences. TripWiser, we believe that travel is about having fun, exploring new places, and creating lifelong memories with friends and family.

  10. Tripbase
    At, our goal is to provide travelers with the most personalized, comprehensive and easy-to-use online research tool. Our philosophy is different from traditional travel websites because we do not ask users to search through mountains of data to find their preferred travel information. In fact, we've turned the process on its head. We ask users for their travel preferences, then, in a matter of seconds, provide unique, unbiased information for the best destinations, hotels, flights, activities and much more.


Go Street Maps said...

Another mapping solution is Go Street Maps ( accurate street-maps to 40 of the world's most visited cities.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this article, thank you. Some very interesting points to think about. It would be great, if you're interested, to share this at It's an online tool for travelers where you can post the best travel news and articles on the web and then vote for your favorites.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some really super recommendations! I've bookmarked quite a few and will take a closer look in due course, but at a glance they seem great.
Another Travel 2.0 site which you may care to look at is trivago. Not only does it provide a platform for members to exchange their travel experiences, but it also compensates members for their content and includes a dynamic price-comparison engine. This multilingual portal is going places and has recently won a Red Herring Award - check it out ;-)

Mark Evans said...

PlanetEye ( is another interesting "Travel 2.0" company that combines geotagged photos, cool mapping technology and a lot of travel content.

10 Links a Day said...

Stay tuned, another posting on Travel 2.0 is on the way! Thanks for all of the feedback

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