Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Uncensored Interview is back!

Recently over at Uncensored Interview I did a piece about Los Angeles's fabled "Smell Scene." After naming a few bands you absolutely NEED to know, I was asked to expand it a bit for 10 Links a Day. Even taking this list from a slim five to an slightly heftier ten leaves a lot out of the diverse scene. - By Poingly

Today's 10 Links a Day: Bring on the Music

    Health were the inspiration to write about the other bands in the first place. The noisy group have brought a lot of attention to the scene and the venue as their self-titled debut album was recorded inside the walls.

  2. No Age
    The only reason No Age didn't make it into the original post at Uncensored Interview was because they have been written about ad naseum. They are so synonymous with The Smell that their album Weirdo Rippers even had the venue and its marquee pictured on the front.

  3. Captain Ahab
    The laptop-mastering, Speedo-loving duo shove everything you love about pop music into a thirty minute set, yet still being indie as fuck. Bubblegum, pop punk, teenage angst...yeah, it's all there.

    Though often claiming to be from Ketchikan, Alaska, Anavan are true children of the Los Angeles undergound. With an energetic live show that often finds the drummer climbing the walls, the band have become one of the most underrated yet respected bands to frequent The Smell.

  5. Kevin Shields
    Though there are many noise bands in the LA scene, Kevin Shields represents one of the more interesting. Eva Aguila took the name of a person of the opposite gender to avoid being pigeonholed in a male-dominated genre. The fact that it happened to be named after the guy from My Bloody Valentine? Pure coincidence.

  6. Foot Village
    Between megaphones and four drum sets, Foot Village make a lot of noise. Forming an indie rock drum circle of sorts, the band mix their percussive feel with loud screaming.

  7. Mika Miko 
    One of the most glaring omissions from my previous list was Mika Miko. The punk rockers singing through a telephone receiver hit with a Riot Grrl aesthetic have a spunky live show that just screams fun.

  8. Clipd Beaks
    Clipd Beaks fit in with a band like Health. Perhaps not surprising as the two are both signed to New York based label, Lovepump. Yeah they're noisy, but not quite noise (like Kevin Shields).

  9. The Mae Shi
    Over the past couple years, The Mae Shi have been through a number of line-up changes and adjusted their sound accordingly. Settling into a more accessable sound recently, the band self-released their most recent record to many a headache.

  10. Abe Vigoda
    Once again, I will end this list with Abe vigoda. Signed to No Ager Dean Spunt's label, the punk boys charm is undeniable. Conveniently, they allow me to bookend this entry with another video from Uncensored Interview:

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