Friday, September 12, 2008

Safe Parking thanks to

It's always the million dollar question. Where am I going to park and not get ripped off. Thanks to Mashable, you can now do a little research before you hit the road and know that you will have a safe cost effective place to park. Check out all of the resources to hit the net. Safe travels and have agreat weekend!

Today's 10 Links a Day: Parking Gods thanks to the net! 
  1. - Has listings for over 400 parking lots near over 100 international airports.  Can add optional services like valet, car wash, mechanics and more.

  2. - Allows you to compare parking rates of various garages in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.  Also offers a mobile version.

  3. - Locate garages, lots, free parking and more for a given area.  Limited to Chicago, IL during their beta phase.

  4. - See real-time data of available parking spaces.  If you register, you can reserve parking spaces in advance.  Serves multiple US cities.

  5. - Gives you information on parking conditions in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and will show you the actual parking rules for a specific space.  The service plans to include more cities. 

  6. - Not operational yet, Streetline is putting monitors in 24,000 San Francisco metered parking spots so people will know where spots are available. 

  7. - As with just about anything else you can sell or rent, CraigsList has numerous listings for parking spaces.

  8. - Specializes in renting out parking spaces around sporting venues, airports or just about anywhere.  Available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

  9. - Lists available spaces to rent in cities such as Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Vancouver and more.

  10. - Offers listings of thousands of parking spaces available for rent all over the United Kingdom.

  11. - Helps you locate parking spots for major events, airports or everyday use.

  12. - Parking spot rental connections for those who own them, and those who need them, in the USA and Canada.  

  13. - Offers parking options around airports, sports arenas, daily & monthly parking and some more tools for those who need a place to park.

  14. - Parking garages list their inventory and then you can look them up on the Web or your mobile device.

  15. - A site to help connect people with spare parking spaces in the UK with those who are looking for them.

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This is so neurotic - I love it. I'm still clicking around but if they had a google mashup to show the street level and satelite shots.

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