Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cooking With Kids

We just had a long discussion about cooking with our family when we were kids. There was nothing that compared to making a cake with mom and being able to lick the mixing sticks after the mixing was complete.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Cooking with kids! Lots of fun ideas/items
  1. Childrens Recipes
    Fun, easy recipes for the whole family

    Teaches kids to cook through online video

  3. Growing Cooks
    Aprons and Supplies for kids

  4. Kids Cooking Club
    Tied Up In Knots Pretzel Kit

  5. Sassafras Enterprises
    Sassafras Kids Cooking and Baking Kits -best selection of kids baking products on the market

    The Learning Tower Toddler Step Stool for safety at the counter

  7. Kid Concoctions
    Kid Concoctions Cookbooks and Cooking Utensils and The Ultimate Book of Kids Concoctions
  8. Young Chefs Academy
    Cooking school for kids

    Watch the video

  10. More Kids Receipes
    Check out this great site for kids 

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