Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Calling all Indie Fans....

Today, Uncensored Interview takes over 10 Links a Day...   Welcome back from the long weekend. We missed you!

An indie lifestyle certainly isn't cheap. Shows, clothing, and booze all cost money, which leads to the inevitable day job and the sweet, sweet, much-needed paycheck. Fortunately, a lot of these jobs are often in an office. In between creating spreadsheets, sending faxes, and making copies, the business's internet provides an endless source of time-wasting opportunity. We at Uncensored Interview know how important perfecting those websurfing slacker instincts are to being truly indie. As a personal expert on the subject of slacking, I, Poingly, get to fill you in on some of my favorites.

Today’s 10 Links a Day: Indie kids goof off at work.

  1. Kittenwar!
    Cats are the most distracting thing on the internet. Kittenwar! pits these adorable lil' guys against each other by having you vote on which one is cuter. It's easy to get distracted for hours at a time just clicking on various pictures.

  2. LOLJohnMcCain
    If you think those on screen kittens at Kittenwar! might be tipping you boss off to the fact that you aren't working as hard as you could be, forgo icanhascheezeburger for LOLJohnMcCain. It's the same humor but with a political slant, and if you boss catches you just claim that you are keeping up on current events.

  3. Electoral-vote
    If LOLJohnMcCain wasn't an indication, I happen to be a political junkie (fortunately, I am not the only one). This site keeps track of daily polls to see who's leading state-by-state in the electoral vote count, and also includes news tidbits, historical data, and an animated over time map. As an added ironic bonus for indie kids, the site is run by a guy who doesn't even live in America.

  4. Retro Thing
    Praying upon a hipster's love of all things outdated, Retro Thing is trip through yesterday's future.

  5. Lasagna Cat
    Another cat site, more specifically featuring the famous orange feline Garfield. Make sure you've turned your computer speakers down for this one. The live action video reenactments of Garfield comics on this website could get you in trouble in an office if you turn it up too loud. Be fully prepared to keep your voice down too as each comic is then remixed into a LOLworthy music video, which is usually equal parts funny and disturbing.

    Try comparing the posters on this website to the one's in your own office. Even better, buy one of the prints, make a switcheroo, and see if anyone notices the difference!

  7. Garfield Minus Garfield
    Not only another cat website but another Garfield one. Except this one isn't about cats at all; it's about the lack thereof. By removing Garfield from the legendary comic strip, Garfield Minus Garfield reveals the disturbing psyche of Jon Arbuckle. Oh, and just in case two Garfield links isn't enough for you: Have a bonus link of the comic translated with Google into Japanese and then back into English.

  8. The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks
    This one is for everyone "working" as a "writer." Given my own experience with various quotes and punctuation marks, I should probably just apologize to my editor now.

  9. Stuff White People Like
    So this site may be a little old news at this point, but what list of indie time wasters would be complete without it? Heck, with the Democratic National Convention on TV all week you can even claim that current event excuse again.

  10. Uncensored Interview
    Okay, okay, I know, I know. I'd probably get fired if I didn't mention Uncensored Interview though, and I've already mentioned that we all need a paycheck. I'm a bit of a whore anyway

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