Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Man Spas

Who says men can’t enjoy a day of pampering? After all, they need to de-stress every once in awhile too. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of “dude-friendly” spa locations, ideal for any man who wants to unwind. These spas either offer fantastic treatments for men or are located near a golf course, desert, the mountains or some other outdoorsy locale. Thanks to our friends from Spa Week for today's fun list. Happy Spa-ing.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Man Spa-ahhhhs (Male-Friendly Spas across the country)

  1. Lather Spa
    New York, NY

  2. Homme Spa
    New York, NY

  3. Aqua Medical Spa
    Dallas, TX

  4. Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa
    Phoenix, AZ

  5. Endulge Day Spa
    Gurnee, IL

  6. Spa Gregorie’s
    Newport Beach, CA

  7. Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon
    Glen Mills, PA

  8. Voda Spa
    West Hollywood, CA

  9. Blue Marble Spa at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay
    San Diego, CA

  10. KIN Spa at the Manchester Grand Hyatt
    San Diego, CA


stray_227 said...

which one is the most "mantard" friendly?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but can you afford the massive financial ?

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