Sunday, February 22, 2009

February is Heart Month!

Odds are, if you’re going to leave this planet early, it will most likely be a result of heart disease.  Heart disease and stroke kill more men and women each year than all cancers combined.  Most of us have at least one risk factor for heart disease – some are unlucky enough to have congenital defects or a family history, but we can do a lot to lower our risk.  Today we bring you a  list of links to help you get heart-healthy (you might even lose a few pounds in the process)...  We'd like to thank today's guest blogger for this eye opening post. If you need specific advice about getting more active and losing extra weight to prevent heart disease, chat live with a personal trainer at Fit Family and read the Fit Family Blog for some inspiration and advice.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Saving your Heart

  1. The Mayo Clinic
    Tells you how to prevent heart disease without medication.

  2. The Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance
    Supports children and adults with heart defects.

  3. Food Guide
    Helps you make heart-healthy choices.

  4. The Lung Association
    Wants you to quit smoking as much as your mom does.

  5. The American College of Sports Medicine
    Outlines how to exercise if you already have cardiovascular disease.

  6. The ACSM on YouTube
    Learn what type of cardiovascular exercise is best for you.

  7. Your Disease Risk by the Washington University School of Medicine
    An interactive questionnaire to determine your risk of developing heart disease.

  8. The US Heart Lung and Blood Institute
    Presents a guide to lowering your blood pressure (high blood pressure is the #1 cause of heart disease).

  9. Eat Tracker
    A free online food tracking program presented by the Dietitians of Canada.

  10. The American Heart Association

  11. National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease

  12. Heart and Stroke Banner Ads
    Add to your website/blog. Help spread the word!

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