Friday, February 13, 2009

Top Wellness Spas

In this new Age of Wellness, many of us our becoming increasingly pro-active with our own health and well-being. Instead of looking to the medical professional to help us when we get sick, we are looking for ways to keep ourselves healthy and that includes what we eat, what we do to stay active and how we manage stress. We’re seeing more spas move into wellness with programs that might help guests interested in detox, weight loss, fitness, stress management and nutrition counseling. Here in random order are 10 Wellness Spas I have personally tried and can recommend to someone looking to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

We'd like to thank Anne Dimon, international spa journalist and publisher/editor of Travel to Wellness for providing today's guest posting.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Wellness Spas

  1. Red Mountain Spa, Utah

  2. Fern Tree, The Spa at Halfmoon, Jamaica

  3. Spa Eastman, Quebec

  4. Mii Amo Spa at Enchantment, Arizona

  5. Adler Thermae, Italy

  6. Hills Health Ranch, British Columbia

  7. Red Door Lifestyle Spa, Florida

  8. Alliance Pornic Resort Hotel & Thalasso, France

  9. A.R.E. Health Centre & Spa, Virginia

  10. Chiva Som Thailand, Thailand


Anonymous said...

It sure is what we want to be (a top wellness Spa)and we've been working hard to keep up with our desire to offer the greatest destination spa vacations for over 30 years now... But it's always good to hear (or to read!) that what we've created receives such recognition! Thank you!

Spa Eastman

juliemarg said...

You forgot Rancho La Puerta!

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