Monday, August 18, 2008

Customizable eCards & FUN stuff to do with your photos

Thanks to Mashable for creating this great list of fantastic sites on the net that give the user hours of fun with their own pictures. You can do anything with your pictures by clicking on the links below. Warning: Save yourself some time, we got sucked in for hours.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Fun with Photos

  1. JibJab

  2. MushyGushy

  3. FaceinHole

  4. Fix8

  5. Camroid

  6. Phozi

  7. Gizmoz

  8. BeFunky

  9. MyHeritage Face Recognition

  10. All My Magic

  11. Putty Face

  12. Diary of the Dead Zombie Face Changer

  13. Piki Kids

  14. Create Your Own Yearbook Picture

  15. MagMyPic

  16. GlassGiant

  17. Glogster

  18. Insert-a-photo Dart Board


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