Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gifts are Fun!

Gift-giving is a very significant part of our culture. We give because we want our relationships to grow, to show we value others, and to fulfill our need to express love. Because gift-giving is so important, we often spend a lot of time and effort finding the right gifts, wrapping them up, and delivering them on time. Not only is the gift selection important, but the first impression, the presentation, communicates a lot. Here are 10 links related to gift-giving that will help you select your gifts, wrap them beautifully, and feel the joy of gift-giving.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Gift Giving Resources

  1. Gliza Classic Bows

  2. Article -The Gift That Gives Right Back? – The Giving Itself


  4. How To wrap A Present

  5. Inexpensive, Creative, and Eco-friendly gift ideas from New American Dream

  6. Line Weaver Designs Wrapping Papers

  7. Delightful Gifts and More

  8. Paper Source

  9. Blogher - Eco gift wrapping, from box to ribbon

  10. Container Store

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