Thursday, April 02, 2009

Money Blogs - Saving Money is the New Black

It's hard to turn on the television without getting inundated about the economy. We all know we need to cut back, but we also know what our limits are. Today's list of blogs are creatively bringing their readers new ideas on how to save money, so we thought, why not share with you all.  April is National Financial Literacy Month. It's an effort to highlight the importance of financial literacy and teach us all how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Show me the Money!

  1. Lazy Man and Money
    Twitter: @LazyManAndMoney

  2. Bargaineering - Engineering a Richer Life
    Twitter: @bargainr

  3. Boston Gals Open Wallet

  4. Budgets are Sexy
    Twitter: @BudgetsAreSexy

  5. Frugal Dad
    Twitter: @FrugalDad

  6. Mighty Bargain Hunter

  7. Frugal for Life
    Twitter: @frugalforlife

  8. Dollar Wise

  9. Being Frugal
    Twitter: @lynnae

  10. Get Rich Slowly 


nattybo7 said...

Awesome! This is exactly what I needed. Trying to think of ways to cut back and get on a budget.
I'm loving Budgets are Sexy's blog.
Thank you!

Your newly frugal friend

J. Money said...

woohoo, thanks! and to you too there nattybo7! haha...Budgets are, indeed, sexy. I don't care who you are...

10 Links a Day said...

We learn something new everyday at 10 Links a Day. Budgets are Sexy. now if I can only stick to one :)

rubia said... @checkoutchicks

DG said...

New BLACK> Old BLACK > does not matter, long as you got the cash.
Remember, "In GOD we TRUST, all others pay cash" If you want to check out how to get the cash, go 2

abinas samal said...

Good list..vary finny sports picks

majicalmoneyman said...

Okay, since were talking about money saving blogs, I'd like to make an announcement of my new money saving blog, if that's acceptable here. My new blog is at Hope you like it and I hope you keep this comment. Thank you for reaching out.

Dave Drew
Money Saving Author

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