Monday, April 20, 2009

Green, Sustainable, Responsible Travel

We are kicking off Green Week at 10 Links a Day with ideas on how to travel green. Today we are covering Travel. Our variety of links will get you planning your adventure fully educated on how you are going to make a difference when on the road.

We are just getting started. Coming up this week, Earth Day Celebration, I Wish I Thought of That - Green Edition, Green Baby, and Shopping Green. Drop us a line with your tips. Be safe and go green!

Today's 10 Links a Day: Travel Green Now

  1. First we need to define green, sustainable, responsible travel.
    Thanks to Go Green Travel Green
    Twitter: @Go Green Traveler

  2. Planet Green
    Twitter: @PlanetGreen

  3. Traveling the Green Way
    Twitter: @travelinggreen

  4. Great Green Travel

  5. Travel + Green Blog

  6. Green Traveller

  7. National Geographic Travel Blog

  8. Sustainable Travel International

  9. G Online Travel Blog

  10. ecotrotters
    Twitter: @ecotrotters

  11. T + L Responsible Travel 


roco andre said...

Thanks for including EcoTrotters in this Green Travel list!

You are missing the Twitters from GoGreenTravelGreen @GoGreenTraveler and PlanetGreen @planetgreen , which are always great.

Thanks again,
The Ecotrotters Team

stray_227 said...

love the green! great job

Guillaume Foutry said...

Good list, hope to be in there next year!!

Rahul said...

I appreciate the labor you have put in developing this blog. Nice and informative.

Anonymous said...

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