Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going Green - Resources for Green Living

Continuing with Green Week and a celebration of Mother Earth, we present  our next installment of green resources to live a greener life.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Grrrreeeennnn out!

  1. PickensPlan.com
    It's as simple as reduce our dependance on forgeign oil, create sustainable resources for energy = happy planet. Check out the details of the plan

  2. re-nest
    Abundant design for green homes

  3. ecovian
    An easy to navigate site that helps you find green retailers

  4. care2
    Online community for healthy and green living
  5. greencradle
    Organic and green products

  6. ecofabulous

  7. GreenDaily
    Go here for your daily dose of green

  8. EPA Clean Energy
    EPA’s Clean Energy Programs are working with state policy makers, electric and gas utilities, energy customers, and other key stakeholders. By identifying, designing and implementing clean energy policy and technology solutions, we are delivering important environmental and economic benefits.

  9. Environmental Defense Fund

  10. Earth: The Sequel 

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