Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Architecture + Pritzker = Perfect

Winning the Pritzker, is the ultimate achievement for an architect. This years winner was just announced and Peter Zumthor was selected. 10 Links a Day offers up a huge congratulations and looks forward to what's next for you. In celebration of the announcement, we wanted to bring you some fabulous architecture sites to continue our ongoing list of architecture related sites that we admire.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Architecture, Prizker, Internet

  1. Architect Magazine

  2. Conditions Magazine
    Twitter: @conditions

  3. Arch Daily
    Twitter: @archdaily

  4. [the belly of an architect]

  5. BUILD Blog
    Twitter: @buildllc

  6. City of Sound

  7. HTC Experiments

  8. Landscape+Urbanism

  9. Life Without Buildings

  10. The Sesquipedalist 

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