Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kick Ass Design Sites

At 10 Links a Day, we have an appreciation for design. We think of design as coming in all shapes and sizes and cool design is a must for us. Here are some really cool designed sites, straight up design content sites and just cool sites that we thought deserved to be on today's list.

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Today's 10 Links a Day: Design, Design, it's all subjective....

  1. Design Observer

  2. UsTrendy
    Aspiring fashion designers can upload their designs for other users to view. Those users vote for their favorites, and the top-rated clothing is produced. In this way, the customers decide what is produced each season.

  3. Wordle
    Design with words. Super cool...

  4. Save the Words
    Another must click, super cool play based on words.

  5. Edificial
    Architecture and Design fans... We've got you covered

  6. Inhabitots
    Sustainable design for the next generation... tots :)

  7. Spot Cool Stuff
    A must click... it really is cool and inspiring.

  8. Smashing Magazine
    Fun design related magazine

  9. Stylehive
    Design your wardrobe with this fun site.

  10. View
    Great visual designs for redoing your homes interior

  11. Opening Ceremony
    Fun site, fun concept, must visit shop in person!

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