Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How To - Part 2

Attention computer users! Now that we have your attention, we thought we'd let you know that today's post will come in handy by helping you, help yourself. We hope today's lineup answers your questions and expands your skillset. In summary, you will be set up with thousands upon thousands of computer tutorials. Some of our favorites are the video tutorials, but the written tutorials can also come in handy.

Today's 10 Links a Day: You are never too young to learn

  1. Woopid - Watch it. Learn it.
    Woopid has thousands of free video tutorials for all things PC and Mac, Internet topics and gadgets. Videos are high quality with audio.

  2. TechTutorials
    TechTutorials links to tutorials made all over the internet, ranging from Windows, UNIX to programming topics. Tutorials typically include written directions and images.

  3. Tech-Recipes
    Tech Recipes home page is setup like a blog - view the latest tutorials listed. Tutorials are written directions.

  4. Pixel2Life
    Large range of tutorials. Format ranges from text descriptions, images and videos.

  5. Tutorials for noobs
    Very limited selection right now but has promise - free video tutorials for Flash, Windows Vista and more.

  6. ScreenCastsOnline
    180 + HD video tutorials for the Mac - they aren't free though. $57/six months.

  7. Lynda
    Expensive, but they have thousands of high quality video tutorials ranging from hundreds of high end applications.

  8. Atomic Learning
    Another pay site, with many common software applications - video tutorials.

  9. Computer Hope
    An oldie but goodie - since 1998.

  10. Malektips
    Mostly written articles with images, covers Windows, cameras, spyware, and software.


mark vernon said...

You left out vtc.com with over 80,000 movie tutorials covering 700 courses. 14,000 of these moves are free.

Steve Slisar said...

There's also http://www.FreeComputerTraining.com.au .... video training with an Aussie Accent :-)

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