Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If you enjoy 10 Links a Day, please VOTE for us!

If you enjoy 10 Links a Day, here's an easy way to support the site. Please vote for 10 Links a Day. We are nominated for a 2009 Blogger's Choice Award for the Best Blog About Stuff Category. Please help us climb the ranks and get on top!

#1 New to Blogger's Choice?
If you have never voted for a Blogger's Choice nominee before, you will need to register! It takes less than a minute! Click here to register. Once your account is activated - move to #2

#2 I'm registered, Now what?
Log in. Follow this link to vote for 10linksaday. Click on the little vote button located where the total votes are displayed. You will know if your vote registered if the number increases next to the cute icon!

Your votes are greatly appreciated. According to the rules, you can only vote once. We'll be back shortly with a fresh post. Stay tuned and Thank you!!!!!


Lovebird said...


Princess Haiku said...

I tried to vote for you and will come back and try again another time after I register for that space. You do a good job. I would enjoy some arty or fanciful lists and wonderful if you have some in your archives.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you after I voted for my friend's website His site seemed like a good fit for your site as well. He is listed in corporate blogs. I'll tell him about you and see if he can vote for you as well. The link for his nomination is:


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