Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Political Coverage

Today is the first day of a new era and the first day on the job for Barak Obama. Time to renew your hope for the USA and follow this awe inspiring man through his first 100 days on the job. The best way to follow all of the happenings is by bookmarking these politically focused blogs.

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Today's 10 Links a Day: Political Blogs

  1. India Uncut

  2. Savage Politics

  3. Truthdig

  4. Foreign Policy Watch

  5. Thurber's Thoughts

  6. No Quarter

  7. From the Left

  8. American Thinker

  9. Pajama Pundit

  10. The Hook

  11. FiveThirtyEight

  12. Townhall

  13. Daily Kos

  14. Politico

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