Tuesday, January 06, 2009

FREEE iphone/ipod touch Applications

There are many free applications to choose from for your iphone/ipod touch. Check out these highlighted items that come highly recomended. Do you have a favorite app you would like to see on our site? Send us your suggestions to 10linksaday@gmail.com

Today's 10 Links a Day: Free apps for your iphone/ipod touch

  1. Shazam
    Great application that will help you determine what song you are currently listening to.

  2. Google Earth
    Great for mapping out your route. and fantastic images.

  3. Amazon
    Great comparison shopping tool when in a physical store.

  4. AOL Radio
    Why turn on the radio when you can load this app?

  5. Pandora
    Another popular music application.

  6. Scribble
    Make fun drawings and email them.

  7. Pageonce
    A personal assistant in the palm of your hand

  8. 2 Across
    Crossword puzzles from the New York Times, The Onion, and others.

  9. AIM
    Instant messenger application

  10. BigTipper
    Tip calculator.

  11. Facebook and MySpace
    Stay in touch with friends and waste tons of time! 


Robert said...

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info said...

That is cool, thnks for the link.

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