Friday, January 09, 2009

Music Blogs that Rock

It's Friday and time to put the first week of 2009 behind us. There is no better way to ease into the weekend than reading up on the latest music trends, releases and reviews. Today's list of fantastic music blogs includes the finalists for the 2008 Weblogawards. If you want to vote, click on this link. One click and your vote will be counted.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Music Blogs that Rock

  1. Hidden Track

  2. I Guess I'm Floating

  3. Stereogum

  4. Guitar Noize

  5. The 9513

  6. Fizzy Pop

  7. My Mood Is Music

  8. Electroqueer

  9. Noise Addicts

  10. Idolator

Don't forget to vote!

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