Friday, January 30, 2009

Going to the Hospital? Beware.

Seems every time you turn around there's another scary hospital story in the news. No, it's not an urban legend, it's a fact: hospitals can be bad for your health. What can you do? Get informed. Today we bring you a guest posting from DK including "must read links" to keep you and your family safe and sound during your next hospital stay. We included a few to help you, too, just in case you have had a bad hospital experience.

Today's 10 Links a Day: A must read!

  1. Start with Trisha Torrey. Every Patient's Advocate is filled with everything you need to know before you enter the hospital.

  2. Compare hospitals in your area on HealthGrades.

  3. The Leapfrog Group provides another great hospital ratings tool.

  4. The Joint Commission accredits hospitals across the U.S. and listens to consumer complaints, too.

  5. Got an issue with care, insurance or billing? Take it to Consumer Reports

  6. The Center for Medical Consumers is a treasure chest of info.

  7. Hospital infections are rampant. Visit RID. It might just save your life.

  8. Americans Mad & Angry works to raise public awareness on hospital safety issues.

  9. The CPR lobbies for patients’ rights.

  10. Feeling swamped by this serious subject? Then stop by the HealthCare PSI BlogThis irreverent crusade for patient safety is sure to make you smile.

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Braden said...

Do you really want to avoid the dangers of the hospital? Here is a better top 10 list. Take it form me - I'm an ER nurse:

1. Stop smoking
2. Stop drinking alcohol
3. Cut down on your coffee
4. Wear your seatbelt
5. Drive the speed limit
6. Don't ride on ATVs
7. Cut down on your greasy foods
8. No, that marijuana wont help you
9. Get regular checkups from your doctor
10. Wipe front to back and clean up after sex. Seriously.

Forget that other crap. Take care of yourself and keep yourself healthy and you wont have to worry about the other stuff very much.

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