Thursday, October 09, 2008

Innovative Parenting Products

I have lots of Mom's in my life. Here are a few of their favorite things that I've heard them rave about. A toast to all of the innovators out there that saw an issue and solved it with these GREAT items!  A must read for all parents of young children.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Innovative Baby Products

  1. Buggy Baggs
    Buggy Baggs, Shopping Cart Cover and Diaper Bag

  2. Snacktrap
    original anti-spill snack cup, which allows little ones to feed themselves while minimizing spill and clean up for Mom!

  3. Quick Change Crib
    Changing the crib sheet is such a chore! Some put towels or other sheets on top of the crib sheet, some put the baby in the parents' bed, some just wipe the sheet down. None of these solutions serve the baby or the parents as well as sleeping on a nice clean sheet. The Quick Change Crib allows you to do that in 30 seconds.

  4. Kipiis Bib Clips
    Bib clips for modern parents and babies

  5. Rain or Shine Kids

  6. Tabletopper
    Stick in place table mats, potty topper and shopper topper

  7. Baby Care Timer
    Introducing the first tool that helps new parents remember the details of baby care

  8. Korbie
    All-in-1 Diaper Bag, Part Bassinet, Part Changing Table

  9. Löopa Gyro Bowl
    The Löopa gyro-bowl may look like it’s out of this world because, well, it is. Made with revolutionary spill-resistant technology, the Löopa gyro-bowl will keep your kids entertained and your living room clean at snack time. With gravity-defying engineering, dry food and snacks stay inside the bowl and off your floor no matter what kind of high-flying fun your kids get into

  10. Keep It Kleen Pacifier

  11. Gabriel Feeding Pad
    Free up your hands, really

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