Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fragile as a piece of...

Glass.... Yes, today we are talking about the art of glass. These artists below have an unbelievable talent to create some of the most amazing pieces of art we've seen in a while. The process to create & complete a hand blown glass item is so extremely complicated and beautiful at the same time. Only a few artists make it to the big time, but there are MANY talented studios to take note of. Today's links will connect you with some of the studios that 10 Links a Day admires. PS: Great shopping tip for the upcoming holiday season.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Glass Studios

  1. Michael Anchin

  2. Vintage Modern Glasshouse

  3. Esque Studio

  4. Nine Iron Studios

  5. Simple Syrup Glass Studio

  6. Solinglass

  7. Chihuly

  8. Klissglass

  9. Hot Island Glass

  10. Ernest Porcelli

  11. F2 Lab 

1 comment:

stray_227 said...

awesome list - i love #1

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