Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Did you know October is...

How did it become October already? Wow, well, you know what that means. Find out what this month holds by checking out the links below.

Today's 10 Links a Day: October is...

  1. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  2. Vegetarian Awareness Month

  3. National Dental Hygiene Month

  4. Family Health Month

  5. Halloween Safety Month

  6. National Crime Prevention Month

  7. National Book Month

  8. Gay and Lesbian History Month

  9. Head Start Awareness Month

  10. National Animal Safety and Protection Month

  11. Women's Small Business Month

  12. National Physical Therapy Month

  13. Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  14. Positive Attitude Month 


KT said...

How is one to keep up with all of these??? said...

Cool list - and not a dig on you - but halloween safety month - really? Thats like February is 'Chocolate Lovers Month' -uh huh?

p.s. love the blog

Ruth said...

Amazing. Do all the months have this many distinctions?

10 Links a Day said...

Every month has a list of "events" Here are links to the ones we have written about thus far:

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