Wednesday, June 25, 2008

UI is Living an Indie NYC lifestyle

It's the last Wednesday of the month, so that means Uncensored Interview is back to guest blog with 10 Links A Day. Enjoy!

Perhaps we here at Uncensored Interview are a little biased towards New York City. I mean, we ARE based smack-dab in the middle of super-trendy Noho, and most, if not all of us live, eat, drink, and poop here almost everyday. But even if you’re from a far away state, or worse yet, New Jersey, you’re probably bound to visit someday, so we figured that a list of 10 sites that make indie-living in New York City more convenient would be useful to everyone. Yes, even Bon Jovi fans. Sorry Jersey, The Shark had to do it.

Today’s 10linksday: Livin’ indie in NYC

  1. Free NYC
    Who doesn’t love free stuff? Besides rich people and Republicans, of course. Free NYC lists upcoming free and dirt cheap events all over the city, from concerts to films to stand-up comedy to even friggin’ operas. Free operas! What is the world coming to??

  2. Freecycle
    Yes, this site has been featured here a few times already, but that’s only because it’s so awesome, we want everyone and their mothers to know about it. Get rid of the stuff just lying around your house taking up space, or pick up a chaise lounger that someone else has no need for, absolutely free of charge. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Incidentally enough, I actually got some free sliced bread off of a Freecycle user last week.

  3. Menu Pages
    Looking for a good vegan cheesesteak in the East Village? You could always ask your pal Fred, but the last place he sent you to gave you vicious diarrhea, and do you really want to take that chance again? Menu Pages lists every kind of cuisine imaginable by neighborhood (even Brooklyn!), and offers user reviews, so you won’t find yourself praying to the porcelain god later at the Telenovela Star show.

  4. New York On Tap
    The Zagat guide for boozehounds, NYOT is the ULTIMATE guide to bar hopping around New York City, chronicling every single watering hole in the 4 boroughs (sorry Staten Island) and Hoboken, as well as directions on how to drunkenly stumble your way there. What it won’t tell you is whether that hot chick smiling at you at the bar is into you or not. You’ll just have to find that out on your own, hombre.

  5. Oh My Rockness
    Indie rock shows are as prevalent as homeless people in NYC (only they smell slightly better), so think about just how impossible it is to document every single one going on. That’s just what the wizards over at Oh My Rockness somehow do. So if you wanna know when Shy Child or Senryu are playing at Pianos consult OMR.

  6. Film Forum
    We here at Uncensored Interview aren’t just about indie music, we also love us some great indie films (we’re pretentious snobs, what can we say?), and when it comes to exquisite, top of the line indie-film far, nothing beats Film Forum. Of course, you’ll actually have to physically GO THERE to see any of the films advertised on the site, but what more do you want from us, legs?

  7. Brooklyn Indie Market
    Just as we’re biased towards New York City, yours truly The Shark is equally as biased towards Brooklyn, the all-knowing, all-encompassing borough where he was born and raised. And if you love awesome clothing that flatters your lats and pecs from up-and-coming designers that won’t cost you next month’s rent, you go to the Brooklyn Indie Market. Yes, you can even find some stylishly priced skin-tight jeans (ugh!) to show off at Studio B tonight.

  8. New York City Downtown Boathouse
    Indie rock kids need exercise to stay ultra thin and fit into those tight jeans they bought at the Brooklyn Indie Market, and there’s no better exercise than kayaking. Scratch that, there is a better exercise - free kayaking! Just show up to one of the locations listed on the website on a weekend or holiday, and one of the kind (but somewhat hippy) volunteers will gladly shovel you and your friends into a kayak and set you off on the Hudson River for some fun in somewhat murky waters. Just make sure you’re up to date on your tetanus shots.

  9. Ride The City
    If you’re like me, then the idea of paying $4.50 a gallon to drive through the traffic-choked streets of NYC seems about as appealing as seeing a Nickelback/Daughtry acoustic double-bill. You also enjoy not getting killed while peddling your way down the hazardous Flatbush Ave Extension towards the Manhattan Bridge bike lane. Ride The City will help map the safest biking route to and from anywhere in the city for you, and it even lets you offer your own suggestions. Unfortunately “use your blinker, a-hole” isn’t one of them.

  10. Uncensored Interview
    Yes, I’m blatantly promoting our website, but honestly, if you’re a fan of indie music, or just good music in general, there’s really no better place to connect with your favorite artists, discover new ones, or just hear some weird, weird “did-he-really-just-say-that” stuff:

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