Monday, June 09, 2008

Tired of the Gas Prices?

Holy %#@$&! We filled up our gas tank over the weekend, OMG!!!! $4.50 per gallon for gas! Immediately, we felt like we had to bring our readers tips on how to save money at the pump this summer. Sure we can tell you to stay home, but that's no fun or is that a realistic option. Safe driving! See you on the road!

Today's 10linksaday: Keeping $ in your pocket at the pump

  1. Go to the gas stations nearby that offer the cheapest gas. Know before you go, by hitting these sites first: Cheap Gas, Gas Buddy, Gas Price Watch

  2. Purchase a GPS with Traffic Info and Gas Prices: Garmin makes a few models that do just this: Garmin nüvi 880, Garmin nüvi 780 and Garmin nüvi 680.

  3. Under inflated tires require more gas to go. Check the air in your tires with this handy Programmable Digital Tire Gauge If you are not sure how much tire pressure your car requires, look on the inside drivers door or ask a local service station attendant.

  4. Join automobile/gas reward credit card loyalty programs. can help you to compare the various gas rewards credit cards in one place.

  5. Our favorite tip thus far is this one- you HAVE to read this article: The title alone says proceed with caution: As Seen on TV (The old adage - if it's too good to be true well.... we'll let you decide.)

  6. Share a cab with someone - go here to set up a ride share.

  7. Host a video conference instead of traveling. All you need are two web cams. Retrevo thinks getting a high quality web cam like Logitech's Quickcam Pro 9000 or Apple's iSight camera makes the experience much more enjoyable with higher resolution images, faster frame rates and better audio with echo suppression. Features you just don't get with less expensive web cams.

  8. Purchase a new iPod, and take a walk, saves on gas and you get in shape.

  9. Map out a plan of attack for your errands ahead of time. This can prevent wasting fuel and time. With alternative routes you can prevent unnecessary stops at traffic lights and more importantly sitting in traffic jams.

  10. Investigate ways to improve your gas mileage.

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