Monday, June 30, 2008

Time to take care of your insides

Cleansing and detoxing are healthy ways to re-energize and replenish our bodies from harmful toxins, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Angela Chang shares 10 links that will help you learn more about cleansing. You can learn more at her master cleanse and cleansing website.

Today's 10 Links A Day: Cleaning up your inners

  1. Want to chat and share experiences with other people that are detoxing/cleansing? Visit

  2. Want to start colon cleaning? Learn about the DrNatura Program, a fiber-based detox program. Read these reviews on Colonix

  3. Shirley shares her tips on maintaining good health in her website.

  4. Confused on the basics of cleansing? Shirley offers basic guides on bowel and candida cleansing in her site Ask Shelley.

  5. Learn how to fast the proper way by visiting

  6. Visit the forums at if you're looking to learn the various ways of curing acne naturally, or using a commercial product.

  7. Suffering from candida albicans? Learn how to eliminate it by reading the Candida and Threelac blog.

  8. Dr. Mercola, one of the trusted sources in both alternative and modern medicine shares basic, no-nonsense tips in his website.

  9. Learn how water can be beneficial to your health:

  10. Looking to buy supplements and products for a cheap price? Find Drugstore coupons here.


Shakespere said...

Enjoyed your blog. It's very unique.

Sally Huss said...

I enjoyed the links for cleaning and detoxing the body. I believe it is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for bringing awareness to the topic.
Sally Huss
“Life is wonderful! Don’t forget it.”


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