Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Argentina is undergoing an amazing cultural revolution after it's economic collapse in late 2001. As it continues to rebuild and recreate itself, it's now evolving as a "must see" tourist destination. Buenos Aires, considered the Paris of the East, is the largest contributor of the Argentinian revival. With this recent resurgence, new hotels have opened or existing hotels have restored themselves to handle the new found flocks of tourism. There are some amazing options for your stay in BA. Bookmark these for your next trip planning exercise... or send me there, and I'll do a full review! :)

Today's 10linkaday : Buenos Aires Hotels

  1. Alevar Palace
  2. Costa Petit Hotel
  3. Design Suites
  4. Bobo hotel
  5. Hotel de Diseno
  6. Faena Hotel + Universe
  7. 248 Finisterra
  8. 5 Buenos Aires
  9. Home Buenos Aires
  10. Malabia House

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