Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gossip! Gossip!

Who doesn't love a little water cooler celebrity gossip session, otherwise known as "G" in my circle of pals. Stay on top of your game by surfing these sites before you go to the cooler (they are updated often throughout the day). You will SO be in the know!

WARNING - make sure nobody is within visual distance of your screen, you never know what's going to appear!

Today's 10linkaday: Celebrity gossip blogs

  1. Perez Hilton

  2. 24/Sizzler

  3. Just Jared

  4. TMZ

  5. What Would Tyler Durden Do

  6. Dlisted

  7. Defamer

  8. Babyrazzi

  9. A Socialites Life

  10. popbytes
Do you have a gossip rag that is not listed above? Send it to 10linksaday@gmail.com. It may appear in a future posting.

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