Tuesday, January 04, 2011


How many times have you posed for a picture? Countless, right? Well, now you can do some really unique things with those perfect shots. The holidays are over and now you have a ton of pictures on your camera. Here is a few unique ideas to do with your with your shots.

  1. Try Pic Scatter and have the best Facebook profile picture out there. Here are some other clever ways to hack your Facebook Profile Picture.

  2. Enter your favorite photos into a contest.

  3. Send your pictures to outer space. Yes, I did say outer space.

  4. Ever feel like your life just flashed before your eyes? Now you can generate a video through your pictures. Try out Pummelvision.

  5. How about making a personalized jigsaw puzzle out of your pictures? Makes a nice gift idea.

  6. Can you say Flipbook?

  7. Update your IKEA furniture with your photos (we think this is super cool!)

  8. Digital photo frames are great!

  9. Don't forget to back them up!

  10. An oldie but goodie - Elf Yourself .

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