Saturday, January 08, 2011

New Year, New You...

With the beginning of each new year, it’s natural for people to start thinking about living a healthier lifestyle. Some want to lose weight, others want to learn how to eat more healthy, still others just want to find balance and a sense of well-being. While there are plenty of so-called “wellness vacations” out there, some are, shall we say, more focused than others.

Selected by the editorial team at, here are 10 recommended programs that are available now through the end of May
  1. Detox and renewal rule this program at Red Mountain Resort & Spa.

  2. The Chopra Center’s Perfect Health Panchakarma combines detoxification, cleansing and daily healthy lifestyle classes.

  3. Energy work is at the core of this unique retreat at Grail Springs .

  4. Never Diet Again. We like the sound of this weight loss and wellness program at Mohonk.

  5. Dr. Andrew Weil deals wellness from the perspective of managing stress.

  6. Love to hike? It’s the preferred way to trim those extra pounds at The New Life Hiking Spa.

  7. Nutrition, behavioral workshops, cooking classes and yoga make up this wellness retreat at The Bald Head Island Center for Wellness.

  8. At Cooper Wellness nutrition, fitness and lifestyle classes give you the tools and knowledge to live well.

  9. This guided retreat integrates meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation methods with lifestyle classes and a volunteer option. 

  10. Yoga, meditation, excursions to gardens, farms and plantations mix with nutrition talks on the island of St. Lucia

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