Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Results...

Tomorrow is a huge day in the USA. Starting at 6:00 am on the East coast the polls will open and folks will come out to vote for the 44th President of the USA. If you are headed to work and want to stay on top of the action, check out these tools for tracking the results. You can also partake in our informal poll below. Voting is a privilege, so be sure to get out there and take part.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Tracking the election results

    Election poll results from one of the best known polling companies.

  2. Twitter Vote Report
    Stay on top second by second with all of the tweets.

    Name speaks for itself

    Poll breakdowns by state.

    Combines a bunch of polls together.

    Check out their poll tracking

    Electoral vote counter

  8. CNN Electoral Map
    Current projections based on polls. Interactive maps.

    538  = number of electoral votes that are up for grabs. Similar to

    Fun applications to use on this site.

  11. Washington Post Pick Your President Project
    Cool site - check it out!

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