Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Let's Cook

You have to love the internet! Now, you can watch your favorite cooking show online. Want to know how to make that complicated roast soufflé? Check out the sites below for recipes, videos and tabletop ideas. We are positive you will work up an appetite. Did you know that something like 70% or more of the people that watch the Food Network in the United States NEVER cook anything they see on TV? I bet that ratio is alot different online!

Today's 10 Links A Day: Full Service Cooking Websites - everything but the cooking for you!

  1. Recipe Gnome

  2. Foodari

  3. Restaurant Girl

  4. Eat Drink or Die

  5. Recipe Zaar

  6. Open Source Food

  7. mestolando

  8. Cookthink

  9. Family Oven


1 comment:

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