Monday, July 28, 2008

I Wish I Thought of That!

Back by popular demand is our latest list of "I Wish I Thought of That". We scoured the web and are highlighting our favorite recent discoveries. We think you will agree with us. If you have a favorite site or are interested in guest blogging for 10 Links A Day, drop us a line at

Today's 10 Links a Day: I Wish I Thought of That!

    1. SpotCrime
      The most comprehensive online source of crime information. Local maps, crime reports & classifications, real-time interactive maps.

    2. Tag Galaxy
      An unbelievable mash-up with Flickr. A must click through if you enjoy photography

    3. FreeAdvice
      FreeAdvice has been providing millions of consumers with outstanding advice, free, since 1995.

    4. Free Shipping
      Free Shipping Coupons To Over 800 Stores

      Have an opinion? Want to write letters to the editor of a newspaper or magazine --- anywhere in the world? Don’t know where to begin? In a few clicks your letter will be on its way to the editor of your choice.

    6. Bubble Calendar
      A poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day. Why wait for the movers.

      A super cool mash-up with Amazon's book store. A must click. A "real" bookstore with
      Amazon's prices, Amazon's secure payment, Amazon's shipping

    8. Scrapblog
      Scrapblog goes beyond sharing our photos and videos online. Scrapblog makes it easy so that everyone can tell their stories and create beautiful multimedia scrapbooks.

    9. Zemanta
      Zemanta is a platform for any web user. It takes a text (a blog, an article or a web page) and recognizes the content and returns suggested images, smart links, keywords and relevant related stories from the Internet.

    10. DailyLit
      DailyLit because we spent hours each day on email but could not find the time to read a book. Now the books come to us by email. Problem solved.


Octamom said...

You're going to keep from getting the laundry done with a list like this!


stray_227 said...

awesome awesome links! thanks so much for putting this together

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