Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Uncensored Interview Has a Crush on 10linksaday

Uncensored Interview is stoked to be a guest blogger for 10linksaday. We can’t think of a more useful and fun site to be a part of. In fact, we’ve developed quite a crush on this 2008 Blogger's Choice Award nominee for the Best Blog About Stuff. So to add to the “stuff,” our first blog post is going to be dedicated to indie bands/musicians who we think are going to imminently explode. We think these guys are so buzzworthy that you may just lose your hearing. So check ‘em out courtesy of the Uncensored Interview psychics. Yep, we have been known to predict the future.

Today's 10linksaday: Indie Bands you Need to Know!

  1. Lykke Li
    Beautiful, talented, Swedish, can charm a room full of Goth worshipers and is the ultimate coffee connoisseur.

  2. James Yuill
    Electronica and Folk flirt, and eventually get married. Master of that ceremony is this guy.

  3. Plants and Animals
    It’s spring and it’s time to shine some sun on the plants and animals. Take some time and smell the roses…

  4. Black Kids
    Partie traumatic is right. Let Black Kids teach you how to really dance, we did.

  5. The Black Ghosts
    Like ecstasy? Click here

  6. Pete and the Pirates
    Where is rock going these days? Here ya go.

  7. Ebony Bones
    The indie triple threat- singer, songwriter and producer who can even make a song entitled “Don’t Fart On My Heart” fly.

  8. Shy Child
    Our producers Mike G and Miriam just interviewed these guys. Suffice it to say they’re pretty hot, so much so we had to finish the shoot outside.

  9. Ida Marie
    Want to like whiskey? Try this remedy, you’ll feel like you’re Queen of The World. Even if you’re a guy.

  10. Ham SandwicH
    Can’t wait for these guys to get to the U.S. Kells, Ireland has this gem.


hihohipster said...

Uncensored Interview rocks!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for featuring such a great site, I'm totally bookmarking them!

stray_227 said...

great article - congratulations - LOVE the site!

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