Friday, January 25, 2008

Women Unite and take a great trip while you are at it!

Today we bring you 10 great get aways focused on women brought to you by SmarterTravel. com. (Men, we'll do a posting for you soon - if you have ideas, send them to One of the members of 10linksaday did a trip with all of her girlfriends to celebrate their 30th birthdays! It was a trip that created lasting memories. Although it's fantastic to travel with your sweetie, sometimes it's just a blast to chill with the ladies. If you have a life event coming up or just need a break, check out this list!

Today's 10linksaday: Women Getaway Vacations

  1. Surf camp in Costa Rica

  2. Art and culture in Florence and Tuscany

  3. Organic food and yoga in Baja, Mexico

  4. Kayaking and rafting in Wyoming's national parks

  5. Insiders' Croatia

  6. Sightseeing in style in India

  7. Discover Europe's new frontier, Bulgaria

  8. Spiritual journeys in Santorini, Greece

  9. See Hawaii's wild side

  10. Take a break in Sedona, Arizona

1 comment:

Jen Hill said...

Sign me up for the Tuscany/Florence tour. A cooking class and horse drawn carriage through Florence? Sounds heavenly.

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