Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Miscellaneous Resources

Today's posting brings a little bit of something for everyone. Recently, there have been a bunch of overlooked resources on the net that 10linksaday would like to highlight for you.

10linksaday is going to try a different format this week and give a small description for each posting. We hope you like the format.

Today's 10linksaday: Various resources to help you be more resourceful

1. Hard to find 800 numbers
Go here to get the back door telephone numbers into customer service at the company you need assistance from.

2. Wink.com
Are you looking for friends on MySpace, Facebook etc... go here and search in one place across all social networking platforms. It's like the white pages for social networks!

3. Extratasty
Drink Recipe Website that is super fun to navigate

4. Top Secret Recipes
Top secret recipes from your favorite restaurants

5. Wikisky.org
Ever wonder what stars are out tonight? Here's a perfect map outlining what you are looking at.

6. Worlds Healthiest Foods
Want to know which fruit has the most Vitamin C? Which vegetables prevent cancer? This is the site for you!

7. Going.com
What's happening, where is it happening, who is going - in your city?

8. GoodReads
Ever wonder what your friends are reading? Create your own virtual bookshelf and share it with your friends.

9. Dafont.com
Need a font for your presentation? This site has it all. Over 7500 fonts!

10. Meebo
If you have a web browser, you can instant message! No more issues if you company doesn't let you download the applications. Meebo supports all different types of messaging platforms including AIM, GoogleTalk, MSN & Yahoo. Have friends on all different platforms? No problem ... you can sign into all of your different accounts at the same time.

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