Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fashion Alert

The spring season is upon us. Let's get something straight, every season, there is some trend that comes out that is just plain ridiculous! Attention Readers: If you cannot pull off the cat suit, jumpsuit, one piece outfit thing or whatever you want to call it, please do not do it, really, please do not do it. Today's links help you stay on top of what cool pertaining to fashion, fashion, fashion...  Tread carefully and consider yourselves warned, my trendy followers :)

Today's 10 Links a Day:

  1. Business of Fashion

  2. Denim Blog 

  3. Fashionising 

  4. Kristopher Dukes

  5. New York Magazine

  6. Shop Diary

  7. The Budget Babe

  8. The Choosy Beggar

  9. Urban Daddy 

  10. Who What Wear 

  11. Women‘s Wear Daily


Sunflower Ranch said...

Hey 10 Links!! This list looks great! I'll check them out and not be too shocked at what I need to do to update my wardrobe! ;)

Jesica david said...

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