Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Health 2.0

The Health 2.0 revolution has changed the face of healthcare for patients.  It’s not a secret – people are turning to the Internet for medical help, information and support.  In fact, 80% of adult Internet users, or about 93 million Americans, go online for heath resources.  Patients are more frequently deferring to online sites as a way to get reliable, trustworthy information, connect with patients in similar circumstances and gain insight into their ailments.  Without further delay, I’ve provided the top ten health 2.0 sites for patients.

Today's 10 Links a Day: Top 10 Health 2.0 Sites for Patients:

  1. UpToDate

  2. PatientsLikeMe

  3. E-Patients.net

  4. Internet Mental Health

  5. PharmaSurveyor

  6. RxList

  7. Healthline

  8. Caregivers

  9. Trusera

  10. ReliefInsite

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