Monday, March 17, 2008

The Luck of the Irish! Happy St. Patricks Day to all!

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2008! Wear your green proud. Ever wonder what the history is behind the holiday? How about the famous songs that many sing year round? Check out our posting today that brings you all of the insight behind the tradition that we have all enjoyed throughout the years!

Today's 10linksaday: St. Patrick's Day Tidbits

  1. Wikipedia entry for St. Patrick's Day

  2. St. Pat's according to the History Channel

  3. Irish Customs and Traditions

  4. Irish Recipes

  5. Irish Songs

  6. St. Pat's for Kids

  7. Visit the Blarney Stone

  8. Official St. Patrick's Day website

  9. St Pat's Parades

  10. Legends and Stories

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