Thursday, December 06, 2007

Xbox 360'ers Unite!!!

Today we bring you an exciting posting all about Xbox 360. Special thanks to guest blogger 360Style from the Utterz community for their contribution. Get great tips and unite with other gamers around the world!

Today's 10linksaday: Xbox 360 blogs

  1. Major Nelson
    Xbox LIVE Director of Programming Podcast and Personal Blog

  2. TriXie Editor BlogXbox Marketing Team Blog

  3. Gamerscoreblog
    Xbox Marketing Team Blog

  4. 360Style
    Xbox 360 Wallpapers and Podcast ran by Xbox MVP

  5. 360Voice
    Did you know your Xbox 360 can blog automatically?

  6. GamertagPics
    Join a MySpace community just for Xbox gamers.

  7. Team Xbox
    Top of the line Xbox news and reviews all of the time.

  8. MyGamerCard
    Site that generates xbox gamercards that show last games played and gamers score.

  9. Unscripted 360
    A podcast dedicated to the Xbox community ran by a Xbox MVP

  10. Xbox 10k Club
    A Xbox 360 club dedicated to increasing personal gamerscore.

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