Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Great Hotel Design

There is nothing like checking into a fabulously designed hotel while on business or vacation. 10linksaday appreciates a great hotel, not only great, but the design element way above the rest. Today we bring you fabulously designed hotels. Maybe you can get to take a trip and book a room in one of these places around the world.

Today's 10linksaday: Well Designed Hotels

  1. Azucar, Veracruz, Mexico

  2. East, Hamburg, Germany

  3. The Chedi Muscat, Muscat, Oman

  4. Farol Design Hotel, Cascais, Portugal

  5. Hospes Maricel, Mallorca, Spain

  6. Hotel Omm, Barcelona, Spain

  7. Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  8. Loisium Hotel (Wine and Spa Resort), Langenlois, Austria

  9. Semiramis Hotel, Athens, Greece

  10. Muang Kulaypan Hotel, Koh Samui, Thailand

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Michael said...

Thanks for useful information, I laso love traveling and very often staying in hotels. I visited Barcelona last summer. The works of Antoni Gaudi dominate the city of Barcelona. Though the city is both modern and cosmopolitan in nature, it has a rich history in architecture and the arts. The Sagrada Familia is probably the most well known of Gaudi’s works, and is known as a symbol of Barcelona across the entire world.
Barcelona has a good infrastructure and welcome for tourists. Also I liked that many of Barcelona hotels is not expensive and offering free transfer from airport.
There 7 beautiful beaches and a lot of parks, which I liked very much. It is really amazing city with it's own magic atmosphere
Very nice pictures. Most of all in Barcelona I liked Sagrada Familia. Sagrada

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