Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Charity has many definitions:

1.generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, or helpless: to devote one's life to charity.
2.something given to a person or persons in need; alms: She asked for work, not charity.
3.a charitable act or work.
4.a charitable fund, foundation, or institution: He left his estate to a charity.

Take a moment to check out these links and see if there is something that you can contribute, whether it's time or money. Send me your favorite charities and maybe it will end up in a future posting:

Today's 10linkaday : Charity begins at Home
  1. Amnesty International
  2. Second Harvest
  3. CityLinks
  4. Kiva
  5. World Vision
  6. One Acre Fund
  7. Search Dog foundation
  8. Treats for Troops
  9. Volunteer Match
  10. Operation USA

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